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Steamboat Resort’s Summer Activities

Steamboat Ski Resort has long been a winter wonderland, attracting snow enthusiasts from all over the globe. But did you know that its recent multi-million dollar expansion is putting Steamboat on the map as a summer paradise as well? 

Imagine your favorite winter destination now brimming with improved trails for mountain biking, scenic hiking routes, and a bustling base area full of community events. The same slopes that hold your fondest skiing memories now offer a fresh, sunshine-y perspective on Mount Werner’s breathtaking landscapes. Without a doubt, the resort transformation has reinvented the summer experience in Steamboat Springs. 

Whether you’re a longtime Steamboat Springs resident, frequent visitor, or first-time vacationer, Steamboat’s upgrades ensure that every visit feels like the first… exciting, refreshing, and full of discovery. So, dust off your mountain bike, lace up your hiking boots, and get ready to explore the improved Steamboat Resort. It’s time to make unforgettable summer memories in the town where the adventure never ends.


Steamboat Stage Summer Events

A 'welcome to Steamboat' sign

The Steamboat Stage, revamped as part of the ‘Full Steam Ahead’ project, features improved sightlines and views of Steamboat Resort, timber frames matching nearby structures, and an open back. This hybrid space hosts year-round concerts, Olympian meet-and-greets, educational talks, dance performances, and more.

Steamboat Stage, among other resort transformations, is deeply entwined with Steamboat’s history, legacy, and traditions. It’s no secret that Colorado’s music scene is deeply intertwined with its lively cowboy history. Whether you enjoy the raw and traditional sounds of bluegrass, or a fun folksong, everyone can agree that live music sounds better surrounded by mountains, decked out in your cowboy boots!

In summer 2024, music returns to the mountains with the free Stranahan’s Concert Series in Steamboat Square. Set against the stunning backdrop of Steamboat Springs, the series features six concerts at the Steamboat Stage. Shows begin at 5:30 PM with openers, followed by headliners at 7:00 PM. With convenient access to the Range Food & Drink Hall offering diverse culinary options, the Stranahan’s Concert Series is the perfect way to enjoy summer evenings with friends and family.


What Happens to Skeeters Ice Rink in the Summer?

Steamboat base area in the summer

As the centerpiece of the new-and-improved Steamboat Square, Skeeter’s Ice Rink has welcomed guests to spin, glide, and twirl all winter long. Now that the snow has melted, this 133 feet by 58 feet isn’t going to waste.

In summer 2024, Skeeter’s Ice Rink will be covered in a soft turf, open to a range of exciting outdoor activities such as yoga, lawn games, and outdoor movies. To facilitate outdoor movie showings, the large screen will be positioned towards the base of the gondola, giving viewers the experience of an outdoor movie with a backdrop of Steamboat Resort. 

Steamboat Resort has taken the wintertime centerpiece of Steamboat Square, and given it a new lease of summertime-life.

For a unique cinematic experience, be sure to look out for the Coca-Cola Movies on the Mountain events. Every Saturday at sunset, bring your friends, family, lawn chairs, and blankets for a magical evening of movies and entertainment. Enjoy a variety of snacks and Coca-Cola beverages from nearby concession stands, including popcorn, candy, and frosty drinks.


Hiking and Biking on Steamboat’s Improved Trails

A man hiking

The new and improved Mahogany Ridge and Fish Creek Canyon offer fantastic year-round adventures at Steamboat Resort. These expansions add 650 acres of advanced/expert terrain to Steamboat, making it Colorado’s second-largest ski resort.

While Mahogany Ridge is primarily a winter skiing hotspot, in the summer you can bike or hike along the Pioneer Trail to enjoy the new terrain and admire the new Mahogany Ridge lift. Fish Creek Canyon, primarily a hiking area, now features in-bounds, patrolled terrain. During the summer, adventurers can explore these beautiful, rugged areas on foot or by bike, making the most of Steamboat’s stunning natural landscapes.


The Range Food & Drink Hall

The range food and drink hall interior seating

Adjacent to Skeeter’s Ice Rink, The Range Food & Drink Hall was built as part of the resort’s improvement project. This two story gathering place offers indoor and outdoor seating, and four diverse food vendors all under one roof – perfect for groups with differing tastes. Each floor also features a purpose-built bar with unique craft cocktails and locally brewed beers. 

For those that want a quick bite before they explore the mountain, simply find a seat on the lower floor, scan a QR code to order your meal, and pick up your order at the kiosk once it’s complete. For diners looking to enjoy their meal at a slower pace, the upper floor offers a full-service dining experience with food served at your table.

This summer, expect to enjoy remarkable views of Mount Werner which will be lush with green grass. The turfed-over ice rink will be the perfect spot for your kids to safely play while you sit back, relax, and enjoy your meal in the sunshine.


Summer Mountain Camp for Kids

The feet of a child riding a bike

The remodeled Mountain Camp is the pinnacle of summer fun for kids in Steamboat Springs. There are many fun summer camps to choose from throughout Steamboat, but Mountain Camp was specially created to help kids make the most of the improved resort offerings.

Summer Mountain Camp, operated by Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation, offers kids a thrilling blend of friendship and adventure, with a healthy dose of Western charm. With carefully selected staff ensuring both safety and fun, this camp introduces children to the wonders of the Rocky Mountains in an engaging, hands-on manner.

New for 2024, campers from 2nd grade onwards can partake in exhilarating mountain biking excursions, mastering skills and forging bonds on world-class downhill trails. This add-on, available on Tuesdays to Thursdays, promises action-packed days of skill development in a supervised environment.

The camp caters to different age groups, Yampa Campers (ages 5 to 1st grade), Routt Scouts (2nd & 3rd grade), and Pioneers (4th grade to 16 years). This ensures that your child will have  tailored experiences, suitable for their age and ability. Each day is brimming with diverse activities, including crafts, scavenger hunts, gymnastics, adventures on Steamboat Lake, and more!


A New and Improved Summertime Experience

The locals here in Steamboat have a saying, “come for the winters, stay for the summers.” This sentiment couldn’t be more true for the newly transformed Steamboat Resort. Whilst the primary focus of the expansion project was to improve Steamboat’s winter facilities, the resort’s summertime experience has been given a new lease of life.

Whether you’re arriving in Steamboat to enjoy music concerts, explore rugged mountain trails, or to give your kids a camp experience they’ll never forget… the summer season is just as exciting as the winter.

Here at The Astrid, we’re passionate about helping you to enjoy repeat vacations to Steamboat Springs. This isn’t the kind of town that you can only visit once – there’s simply too much going on!

We’re creating an idyllic retreat where you and your guests can enjoy exceptional service, abundant opportunities for adventure, and the extraordinary beauty of the Steamboat Resort in every season. Repeat vacations to Steamboat Springs will be a hassle-free experience, thanks to your very own home-away-from-home situated at the foot of Mount Werner.

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