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A Vacation-Repeater’s Dream Destination

Planning your next vacation is a lot of fun, and a lot of hard work. Perhaps you’re hoping to check another destination off your list, or maybe you’re a bit like us and keep returning back to your old favorites.

We think the very best vacation spots are the ones you can go back to again and again. The kind of place that never grows stale, and always has more to discover.

The captivating quality of the Steamboat Ski Resort makes it the perfect destination for vacation-repeaters, and inspires everything we do here at The Astrid. There’s something about this place which keeps pulling visitors back, and soon enough they start feeling like locals!

In 2021, Steamboat Ski Resort entered into a $220 million base area redevelopment and on-mountain improvement project called ‘Full Steam Ahead’. This project embraces all the traditional features that have made Steamboat such a beloved vacation spot for decades, whilst revamping the experience for guests and locals alike.

Here at the foot of Mount Werner, we are right amongst all the exciting enhancements happening at the resort. We’re going to share with you an exclusive insider look into Steamboat Ski Resort’s transformation process, and what it means for your next vacation.


The Historical Evolution of Steamboat Ski Resort

Back in 1958, a dreamer named James Temple broke ground at Steamboat and cleared the way for a few ski trails and a liftline on Christine Peak (formerly, Bear Claw.) On January 12 1963, the lift opened, and this date is considered the official opening date for the area.

Temple had a clear vision of Steamboat as a vibrant ski area, and he himself planned much of where the trails and ski runs should be.

Throughout the 1960s, Steamboat underwent rapid expansion. New trails were cleared, and chairlifts were strategically placed throughout the mountain. By 1970, Steamboat was considered a serious ski resort destination due to the installation of a remarkable 90-cabin gondola. 

The ‘Full Steam Ahead’ project is a continuation of the historic building boom that began in the 1970s, and fully embraces Temple’s dreams for Steamboat Ski Resort.


The ‘Full Steam Ahead’ Vision

The $220 million investment into the Steamboat Ski Resort has one overarching aim – to see Steamboat become one of the premier ski destinations in the world, benefitting both visitors and locals alike.

The ‘Full Steam Ahead’ project aims to see the amenities available at Steamboat match the quality of the area’s high-caliber snow sports, unparalleled terrain, and legendary Champagne Powder® snow.

At the heart of it all is the Steamboat Springs’ community. This friendly old ranching town is an incredible place to live and work. Kids here grow up dreaming of going to the olympics! Having reached 100 olympians in 2022, the area’s new developments will surely add to Steamboat’s list of sporting heroes.

Whilst embracing Steamboat’s history and community, developments for the area include:

  • Expanding the resort’s terrain
  • Installing more lifts
  • Building a world-class learning center
  • Increasing out of base capacity
  • Enhancing the base area experience

Steamboat Ski Resort has always been an incredible place, beloved by visitors from all over the globe. The ‘Full Steam Ahead’ project compliments the heritage of the area and promises an experience worthy of the name Ski Town USA®.


A Closer Look at the Luxurious New Amenities

Phase I

Beginning in June 2021, and completed in December of the same year, the first phase of the ‘Full Steam Ahead’ project saw the creation of a totally new arrivals experience for guests.

Enhancements include: a new SNOW sign, beautiful artwork with images from Steamboat’s history, a new escalator, a different location for the Steamboat Gondola terminal, and the  welcoming ‘Cowboy’s Cauldron’ to provide pre-après ski warmth to all mountain-goers.

This phase also saw the opening of ‘Happy Camp’, an innovative new childcare center where little cowboys and cowgirls aged 1-4 years old are welcomed to make lasting mountain memories. 


Phase II

November 2022 saw the beginning of the second phase of the project, ushering in exciting new features such as ‘Skeeter’s Ice Rink’, ‘Steamboat Stage’, and the remarkable ‘Wild Blue Gondola’ and ‘Greenhorn Ranch SnowSports School Learning Center’.

In June 2023, ‘The Range Food & Drink Hall’ celebrated its grand opening. Offering a wide variety of dining options for visitors at Steamboat Ski Resort, this truly is a dining experience like no other. Visitors can simply settle down with their friends and family at one of the cozy tables, and use the QR-code system to conveniently order their food. Once the meal is ready, guests will be sent a text message inviting them to collect their food.


Phase III

The third and final phase of the project begins in December 2023. Guests will be delighted to experience the opening of the Wild Blue Gondola upper leg, and the Mahogany Ridge Express – an incredible high-speed lift. This lift will be the longest in North America, with a short 12 minute journey from base to peak.


Environmental Sustainability

Steamboat Ski Resort is surrounded by some of the most stunning natural scenery and wildlife in the world. It’s what makes Steamboat such an alluring destination all year round, even when the snow has gone and the skis are packed away. 

That’s why the ‘Full Steam Ahead’ project has prioritized sustainability in all renovation efforts. This includes recycling all concrete and steel materials involved in demolition, choosing construction materials with a high level of recycled content, actively educating guests on taking action to preserve the environment, and gaining LEED certification for all base area buildings.


Your Next Visit Won’t Be Your Last

Steamboat Ski Resort’s $220 million rejuvenation project will be remembered as a cornerstone moment in Steamboat’s history. With upgraded infrastructure and remarkable new amenities, this expansion will see Steamboat becoming the second largest ski resort in Colorado.

This remarkable ski town seamlessly blends ongoing innovation with traditional Western heritage. For many guests, one trip to Steamboat simply isn’t enough.  No matter how many times you visit, you’ll always find something new to experience. And every time you return, you’ll feel as if you’re coming home.

Here at The Astrid, we’re making it possible for visitors to have their very own home-away-from-home at Steamboat Ski Resort.  No more worrying about when your next visit will be, because your dedicated residence will always be there to welcome you back.

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