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Why Colorado Attracts ~90 Million Visitors Each Year

Longwoods Travel USA Report revealed that approximately 90 million outdoor adventurers, high-end travelers, and bucket listers descended upon Colorado in 2022. This all-season destination allows tourists to indulge in the 11 Luxurious Vacation Experiences in Colorado only found at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. 

Upscale locations within Colorado draw in elite jet-setters from across the globe, including famous names such as Ringo Starr, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah Winfrey, and Ralph Lauren. With boutique shopping, endless opportunities for adventures in nature, and private mountainside communities, it’s no wonder that The Centennial State has earned itself such an incredible reputation.

The Astrid exists to help sophisticated luxury-seekers like you to discover the most tasteful, personalized, and exclusive vacation experiences that Colorado has to offer. No place personifies these characteristics more than one enchanting ski town, nestled at the foot of the Majestic Mount Werner…

Steamboat Springs is an oasis of private excursions, exquisite fine dining, and highly personalized experiences. Sit back and relax as we share with you our comprehensive list of 11 luxurious must-do items for your next trip to Colorado.


1. Fine Dining in Steamboat Springs

Fine Dining in Steamboat Springs

Mealtimes are about more than just food. In Steamboat Springs, restaurants have become an extension of the town’s authentic Western culture, extending genuine hospitality to honored guests from all over the world. From intimate local bars to sophisticated kitchens serving a fusion of international flavors, Steamboat Springs provides visitors with the most unforgettable luxury dining experiences in Colorado.

Mosey on down to these decadent fine dining hotspots:

2. Horseback Riding in Steamboat Springs

Horseback Riding in Steamboat Springs

Steamboat is, and always will be, a ranching town at heart. With a long standing history of rodeos and working cowboys, Steamboat invites travelers to embrace its Western roots with exclusive horseback riding experiences.

Escape your day-to-day routines and enjoy the thrill of exploring the mountain accompanied by your trusty steed. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the Yampa Valley and gain wisdom from knowledgeable local guides, many of whom come from a long line of ranchers who’ve passed their traditions down the generations.

Saddle up and meet your new trail companion:

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride in Steamboat Springs

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Steamboat Springs

If it’s not on your bucket list already, it needs to be! The team at Wild West Ballooning offer year-round flight experiences as you follow the whims of the wind in a sturdy yet beautiful hot air balloon. Enjoy stunning views of the Flat Top Mountains and Hahn’s Peak, indulge in delicious light snacks, and raise a toast with a champagne ceremony.


4. Helicopter Rides in Steamboat Springs

Helicopter Rides in Steamboat Springs

If you simply can’t get enough of those airborne adventures, hop on board a helicopter for an atmospheric voyage across the Steamboat skyline. Whilst this activity can be enjoyed in all seasons, we highly recommend booking during the fall when Steamboat’s aspens paint the landscape with remarkable golden hues.

Our choppers of choice:

5. Learn to Fly in Steamboat Springs

Learn to Fly in Steamboat Springs

If the adrenaline of a helicopter tour wasn’t enough, take the flight controls into your own hands with a fully private pilot training course. Return from your vacation having mastered a skill that less than one percent of the US population have (according to Zone Aviation).

Learn from trusted aviation professionals:

  • Sit in the cockpit of a Cessna 172K Skyhawk – N998M plane as you train in the art of mountain flying with Steamboat Flying Club.
  • Take hold of the throttle levers in a Cessna 182, a Cessna 206, or indeed your own plane, as you train at HALLO Flight Training Center.
  • Brush up on your instrument proficiency by using the Advanced Aviation Training Device at Steamboat Springs Airport-Bob Adams Field. This state-of-the-art flight simulator boasts extreme resolution for exceptional response time and improved flight control fluidity.

6. High-End Sports Gear Rental Services in Steamboat Springs

High-End Sports Gear Rental Services in Steamboat Springs

The last thing you want to worry about on your vacation is transporting bulky equipment to-and-from your home, for sports that you’re only going to take part in during your stay in Steamboat. 

Forget about the stress of whether your granddaughter’s ski boots still fit.
Let go of the worry that your equipment from two years ago isn’t keeping up with the latest technology.
Fret not about getting your bike serviced early enough so that you can get out on the trails.

Renting top-of-the-range, expertly fitted equipment is the perfect answer if you’re looking to use gear for a short length of time. When you’re done with it, you dont have to worry about repairs, maintenance, or lugging it all the way home. Simply return your gear into the hands of trustworthy professionals, and never think about it again – the ultimate luxury.

Get kitted out with premium quality equipment:

  • We’re proud to have partnered with Swtichback Sports who will be kitting out members of The Astrid community with the latest ski and snowboarding gear. They provide winter sports equipment for all ages and interests, from ski poles to snowboard bindings.
  • Steamboat isn’t called ‘Bike Town USA’ for nothing! There’s no better way to explore the resort in the summertime, than from the seat of a bicycle. Ride Workshop’s fleet of premium gravel road bikes are perfect for your next adventure. For a little extra luxury, delivery and collection of your rentals is available to book.
  • If you’re hoping for a peaceful day out on the river, but left your fishing rod at home, stop by Steamboat Flyfisher. The friendly team are sure to kit you out with everything you could possibly want for a memorable day on the Yampa River.

7. The Most Luxurious Spas in Steamboat Springs

The Most Luxurious Spas in Steamboat Springs

Yes, Steamboat is most well-known for it’s plethora of invigorating outdoor activities, but what’s less well known is the resort’s array of gorgeous spas. Nothing says luxury quite like a day rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul.

Book a day of opulent relaxation at one of our favorite spas:

  • Enjoy an unforgettable dip at Strawberry Park Hot Springs. The natural hot springs are steaming hot all year round, perfect for resting your aching muscles after a day on the slopes. Book in a decadent massage with an expert therapist who will tailor the experience to your exact needs.
  • Restore serenity with a partial or full day spa experience at the Rocky Mountain Day Spa. Experience a new level of tranquility with facials, massages, mud wraps, beauty treatments, and more!
  • For those seeking relief from altitude sickness, the Waterside Day Spa offers a peaceful Salt Therapy suite. Your body will receive a bounty of natural benefits, including helping you to absorb oxygen better and breathe easier in the mountains.
  • Life Essentials spa and salon offers a unique technological twist on relaxation. Boost your circulation and reduce inflammation with cutting-edge microcurrent therapies, or experience rejuvenation right down to your core from within the medical grade infrared sauna.

8. Luxury Car Rentals in Steamboat Springs

Luxury Car Rentals in Steamboat Springs

Enhance your vacation experience by adding a touch of sophistication and indulgence into your travel plans. Renting a private car for the duration of your trip will guarantee you the flexibility to explore Steamboat at your own space, giving you full control over your itinerary.

Whether you’re looking for a plush sports car, a sedan equipped with premium features, or an SUV for off-roading adventures, opt for an enjoyable driving experience with 800Exoticars. The dedicated team offer a fully personalized, white-glove service to meet your every requirement.


9. Wine Tasting in Steamboat Springs

Wine Tasting in Steamboat Springs

For a truly enriching vacation experience, immerse yourself in the exquisite wine culture here in Steamboat Springs. Whether you’re a casual wine-enthusiast, or an eager sommelier-in-training, Steamboat offers remarkable opportunities to learn about winemaking history, whilst savoring some of the most delectable wines this side of the Rocky Mountains.

The best wineries in town:

  • Enjoy a comprehensive wine tasting experience lef by a certified sommelier at Wine Collective.
  • Steamboat Winery offer private in home wine tasting experiences, for a minimum of four people.

10. Bespoke Handmade Clothing in Steamboat Springs

Bespoke Handmade Clothing in Steamboat Springs

Gone are the days when a postcard or a refrigerator magnet made for a satisfying souvenir from your travels. You’re looking for something a little more refined, that will transport you back to Steamboat’s majestic mountain scenery each time you look at it.

Steamboat Springs is home to an array of talented artisans who create fully customizable, heirloom quality clothing and jewelry:

  • Book a custom boot fitting with Margot Binetti, a skillful leathercrafter based at Haus of CuCu. Choose from hundreds of hide and color combinations to create the cowboy boots of your dreams – the only limit is your imagination.
  • Celebrate the Western heritage of Steamboat by designing your own handmade hat at Steamboat Hatter. Your new hat will be designed to fit perfectly to your head, taking into account not only your head size, but also your head shape.
  • There’s something enchanting about adding handcrafted pieces to your jewelry collection, made all the more special as each sparkle reminds you of happy memories made in Steamboat. For custom rings, bracelets, belt buckles, and more, make your way down to The Silver Spur.

11. A Luxurious Vacation Home in Colorado

A Luxurious Vacation Home in Colorado

Once you visit Steamboat Springs, you’ll be repeatedly compelled to return every season, due to the supernatural pull that the Yampa Valley has on visitors. As the locals say, ‘come for the winters and stay for the summers.’

Here at The Astrid, we believe that there’s nothing more luxurious than making repeat visits to Steamboat Springs a simple, convenient, and enjoyable experience.

That’s why we’ve taken white-glove service to new heights, offering staggering levels of luxury (the likes of which Steamboat has never seen before). From our comprehensive housekeeping service, to our remarkable ski-in, ski-out location, we offer a pioneering vacation home experience that relieves you of any inconvenience.

Our unique mountainside community enables residents to immerse themselves in the most luxurious vacation experiences in Colorado, from the comfort of their very own home-away-from-home.


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