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Crafting Winter’s Canvas in Colorado

Mount Werner covered in snow

Imagine a ski resort with perfect snow conditions all season long, even when snowfall is limited. A pristine winter wonderland, allowing skiers and snowboarders to shred the slopes without encountering a dusty, unrideable bare patch. What if we told you that a ski resort like this exists, tucked away in the heart of the Rocky Mountains?

Steamboat Springs is a mountain town committed to providing a high-quality snowsports experience to beginners and winter olympians alike! With almost 3000 acres of skiable terrain, over 169 named trails, and a remarkable multi-million dollar investment into the mountain, the Steamboat Ski Resort is revolutionizing the ski industry as we know it.

With the integration of cutting-edge technology and efficient snowmaking equipment, Steamboat can guarantee optimal snow conditions from late autumn through early spring. This means that visitors can enjoy a long ski season, with consistent snow coverage on the slopes. Snowmaking is crucial to Steamboat Springs’ long-term flourishing, because it enhances the quality of the skiing experience by creating a predictable and well-groomed surface, which is especially important for beginners and intermediate skiers.

The Science Behind Steamboat’s Famous Snow

Two cowboys snowboarding

As Steamboat locals will tell you, there’s simply nothing like gliding down Steamboat’s legendary Champagne Powder® Snow. 

Here at the foot of Mount Werner, every winter we are blessed with over 26 feet of fluffy snow, made up of stellar dendrite snow crystals. Stellar dendrite snow crystals (much like their name suggests) are tiny star-shaped snowflakes that come together to create the light, dry snow that sprays effortlessly into the air as skiers and snowboarders alike glide through the fresh powder.

Steamboat’s snow is so dry because snowstorms pass through the Mojave Desert before reaching Steamboat, stripping the snow of its moisture. By the time it reaches our slopes, the snow is just 6% water. This creates the lightest, driest, flawless snow for all kinds of outdoor winter activities.

While fantastic natural snow is abundant in Steamboat Springs, the ski resort utilizes snowmaking techniques to supplement natural snowfall, ensuring consistent and reliable snow conditions throughout the ski season.

How Does Snowmaking Work?

A snowmaker spraying out snow

The snowmaking process involves forcing water and pressurized air through snow guns, also known as snow cannons, to create snow. Water is mixed with compressed air in the snow gun, which breaks the water into tiny particles. These particles freeze as they are propelled into the cold air, forming snowflakes. The snow is then blown out onto the slopes, where it accumulates and creates a base for skiing and snowboarding.

As part of Steamboat’s recent expansion, the snowmaking process has been significantly improved:

Efficient Equipment: The project includes the integration of cutting-edge, efficient snowmaking equipment. This equipment pumps more water with less air, operates with higher efficiency, and reduces overall energy consumption.

Automated Fan Guns: The resort has added 63 automated fan guns that are not only efficient, but also intelligent. Each gun has its own weather station, allowing for precise and automated control based on real-time weather conditions. This targeted approach reduces unnecessary resource usage and environmental impact.

Expanded Terrain: The snowmaking operations are expanding into new areas like the Sunshine Bowl area. This allows for the earlier opening of slopes and more reliable snow coverage.

Improved Snow Quality: The newer snow guns can operate at slightly higher temperatures, allowing for a larger window to make snow. This ensures better snow quality and density, crucial for maintaining a safe and enjoyable skiing experience.

Underground Pipes: The project also includes the installation of new underground ductile iron pipes, which are smoother and more efficient. These pipes have a very long lifespan (up to 100 years) compared to older steel pipes, reducing maintenance and improving efficiency.

Sustainable Snowmaking in Steamboat Springs

Skiers at Steamboat Ski Resort

The City of Steamboat Springs’ vision statement includes an inspiring line which reads, “to preserve our past while assuring an economically, culturally and environmentally sustainable future.” As an area that’s home to 7 endangered or threatened species, with a tourist industry that relies on the flourishing of the natural environment, The City of Steamboat Springs has worked hard to preserve the ecology of the area whilst protecting the economic and cultural success of the town.

Alongside a number of local green initiatives, Steamboat’s snowmaking efforts are carefully designed for efficiency and minimal environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability showcases the resort’s dedication to preserving the natural beauty of the landscape, and the rich ecology of the mountain.

Steamboat’s Bright Future

With its cutting-edge snowmaking technology and efficient equipment, Steamboat Ski Resort supplements natural snowfall to ensure optimal conditions throughout the entire ski season. This means more time for you to shred the slopes, and nail those face-shots of Champagne Powder® Snow.

While the resort embraces technology to enhance the skiing experience, it does so with an eye toward sustainability. Steamboat’s commitment to efficient snowmaking practices not only guarantees a reliable snow cover but also contributes to the long-term flourishing of the mountain’s ecology. For those who love nature and cherish responsible travel, Steamboat Springs is a highly alluring destination.

Here, snowmaking isn’t just about extending the ski season… it’s about contributing towards the flourishing of the mountain. Here at The Astrid, we’re firm believers in looking after our mountainside home.

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