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Looking After Our Mountainside Home

Here at The Astrid, we are committed to a high standard of living that extends out to our surrounding environment and community. 

Steamboat Springs is home to a diverse ecosystem that is integral to the flourishing of this historic ski town. Stewarding our environment well ensures we have clean air, pristine landscapes, and an abundance of natural resources, which enhance the quality of life of residents and guests. 

Steamboat’s majestic mountains, vibrant forests, and relaxing rivers and lakes are inhabited by a large number of exciting animals. The deer, elk, moose, beavers, cranes, bald eagles and more are all part of what makes Steamboat an alluring hub for nature-enthusiasts. Routt County is even home to 7 endangered or threatened species, with local biologists and environmentalists working hard to ensure that these remarkable creatures thrive.

The City of Steamboat Springs’ vision statement includes an inspiring line which reads, “to preserve our past while assuring an economically, culturally and environmentally sustainable future.”

The Astrid team is excited to engage in the ongoing eco-friendly initiatives in Steamboat Springs, as we feel great sense of responsibility to our mountainside home and the wildlife that we share it with. We invite you to consider your role in Steamboat’s journey to sustainability, and how we at The Astrid can assist you.


Local Green Initiatives

The City of Steamboat Springs, alongside supportive partners, has already established a number of wonderful initiatives that are making waves in the area of sustainability:

  • Recycling: In 2021, the City of Steamboat Springs adopted the Routt County Climate Action Plan, which identified an ambitious waste reduction target. Commercial and residential waste collection companies operating within Steamboat offer customers a curbside recycling program at no extra fee. There are also a number of local recycling drop-off options, including Yampa Valley Recycles Depot, Twin Enviro, and Waste Management.
  • Bag Free in the ‘Boat: In a bold move to reduce waste, since the start of 2023 all stores in Steamboat Springs have been required to charge a 20 cent fee for all carryout bags. In the summer of 2024, stores will not be able to give single-use carryout bags to customers at all. This has been heralded as a wonderful opportunity for residents and visitors to make one simple, sustainable change to their routines by bringing their own reusable bags to use when shopping.
  • Electric Vehicles: Transportation is the greatest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, and Steamboat Springs is committed to dramatically reducing the impact of our vehicles on the environment. Charging your car couldn’t be simpler as charging stations are spread all throughout the town.


Steamboat’s Eco-Conscious Culture

Sustainability is an extremely important value for many members of the local community. Residents are committed to looking after the Steamboat environment, and we at The Astrid encourage guests to follow in their footsteps:

  • Steamboat Springs High School is famous for its influential Eco Club which plants trees and encourages personal environmental responsibility.
  • Yampatika is a local non-profit organization that hosts educational programs for children and adults that focus on environmental stewardship.
  • The Yampa Valley Sustainability council is another non-profit that focuses on community outreach and building a more sustainable future.
  • The Wildlife Habitat Improvement Local District Fund (WHILD Fund) supports wildlife habitat improvement projects in Steamboat Springs.
  • Full Steam Ahead, Steamboat’s ambitious transformation project, has been proactive in ensuring their work is as green and sustainable as possible.

Community action is an essential part of the sustainability-puzzle here in Steamboat Springs, as every step towards a greener future, no matter how small, has a lasting positive impact.


The Astrid’s Role in Promoting Sustainability

Nestled at the foot of Mount Werner, our residential community is deeply intertwined with the local area. The pursuit of sustainability in Steamboat Springs is deeply important to us, which is why we’ve thoughtfully considered the protection of the environment in every area of the property’s construction:

  • Using sustainable materials and production methods in the construction of The Astrid enhances our environmental integrity, and compliments our commitment to luxury, legacy, and community living.
  • Planting native trees not only enhances the beauty of our surroundings, but also promotes biodiversity and contributes towards Steamboat’s ecological balance.
  • Designing, decorating, and furnishing each of our residences with ethically produced products, provided by our exterior and interior designer Montie & Joie, enables us to reduce our ecological footprint and support the work of talented artisans.


Where Luxury Vacations Meet Sustainable Living

The local community’s commitment to sustainability in Steamboat Springs is truly inspiring. Through recycling initiatives, bag-free campaigns, and green transportation, the town is a shining example of the positive impact that community involvement can have in caring for the environment.

We understand that visitors to Steamboat Springs are interested in contributing towards this culture of sustainability, which is why we seek to make pursuing a greener lifestyle possible for our residents.

If you want to support Steamboat’s local wildlife and environment, whilst enjoying a luxurious vacation with your family, The Astrid is the perfect place to start. We invite you to join our exclusive mailing list, to discover more about our sustainable pursuits.

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