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Colorado’s Ski-Scene is Evolving

There’s a rumbling in the Rocky Mountains, and no, it’s not a dormant volcano awakening from its slumber. In the Northwest of Colorado, a vibrant ski resort named Steamboat is generating an excitable buzz amongst outdoor adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Why? Because the resort is undergoing an unprecedented development, the likes of which the Colorado ski industry has never seen before.

Alterra Mountain Co., the owner of Steamboat Ski Resort, is in the final phase of an remarkable $220 million makeover on and around the mountain. The carefully chosen improvements have ensured a little-to-no ski lift wait time which you can track on an innovative mobile app. The appealing lack of crowds on the slopes has earned Steamboat the title ‘best uncrowded ski resort in Colorado’ according to SnowPak.

The History of Colorado’s Ski Industry

Colorado’s lively ski-scene has long been connected to the state’s frontier spirit, attracting pioneering adventure-seekers to the pristine mountain landscapes. The development of well-known resorts such as Aspen and Vail in the mid-20th century further solidified Colorado’s reputation as a popular winter-sports destination.

However, Colorado’s trailblazing ski-history has not been without its challenges. 

With Colorado’s iconic slopes and cultural allure, many resorts have grasped at the success of the booming ski industry with both hands. A surge in real estate development, increase in hotels, and a plethora of seasonal tourist attractions has unfortunately contributed to a loss of each town’s historic character.

Discerning vacation goers are now seeking ski destinations increasingly connected to nature, with year-round activities, authentic Western hospitality, and a respect for their frontier history. Steamboat Ski Resort presents an unparalleled opportunity for visitors to enjoy year-round adventures in nature, whilst embracing the friendly culture of this charming mountain town.

Could Steamboat Be the Best Colorado Ski Resort?

With almost 3000 acres of skiable terrain, over 169 named trails, distinctive aspen glades, and snow so good it earned itself a trademark (Champagne Powder®), the Steamboat resort is a true natural sanctuary.

One thing that sets Steamboat apart from the likes of Vail and Aspen, aside from the unhurried and spacious atmosphere, is the unique connection this ever-evolving resort has with its history.

The resort’s legacy dates back to 1958 when James Temple cleared the way for a few ski trails and a liftline on Christine Peak (formerly, Bear Claw.) Steamboat underwent rapid expansion throughout the 1960s, with new trails and chairlifts for visitors to fully enjoy the majesty of the mountain. The installation of an impressive 90-cabin gondola in 1970 marked Steamboat out as a highly desirable ski resort destination.

The city’s eco-conscious culture, combined with the traditional ranching community, has ensured that the Steamboat Ski Resort at Mount Werner has prioritized the preservation of the mountain’s natural splendor. The $220 million improvement project is a continuation of the mountain’s authentic Western legacy, and has been proactive in ensuring their work is as sustainable as possible.

Colorado’s Most Exclusive Mountain Community

At The Astrid, we’re determined to play a significant role in the resort’s transformation, and contribute towards the historic legacy of Steamboat Springs.

At the heart of everything we do here at The Astrid is our connection to Mount Werner. Positioned directly at the foot of this majestic mountain, we offer an unparalleled ski-in, ski-out experience for our residents. This remarkable location, luxurious amenities, respect for nature, and deep connection to the traditions of the town, marks us out as one of the most innovative mountainside communities in Colorado.

The Astrid’s Pioneering Innovations

The Astrid isn’t an isolated enclave, but an exclusive mountainside community deeply connected to Steamboat Springs’ rich history, remarkable wildlife, and spirit for adventure. As the newest construction on the mountain in over a decade, we’re embracing the historic legacy of Steamboat and contributing towards the resort’s evolution by offering a luxurious home-away-from-home experience – the likes of which Steamboat has never seen.

  • Our residents never have to worry about traipsing their families across the town, sweating in their ski jackets, with unwieldy skis hanging off of their shoulders. The Astrid’s doors open directly onto 280ft of slopeside skiing access, because we believe that ski-in, ski-out residences are the most convenient way to enjoy mountainside adventures.
  • In fact, backache from lugging heavy gear anywhere is a distant memory thanks to The Astrid’s purpose-built 2000 sq ft ski and sports locker room. Our residents can safely store their outdoor sports equipment in individual private lockers, without worrying about damaging their gear or their bodies!
  • Getting lost in a crowd as a nameless tourist is not something our residents have to worry about, as The Astrid’s dedicated concierge are committed to personalizing every aspect of your vacation to your exact specifications.
  • We understand that a home-away-from-home experience isn’t complete without every member of the household feeling welcome. The Astrid provides comfortable and safe outdoor spaces for your pooch to enjoy, so that residents never have to worry about leaving this treasured member of the family in doggy-daycare ever again.
  • Skiing a mountain without ever seeing the mountain can lead to a disconnection from nature, and risks visitors forgetting that the slopes are home to extraordinary wildlife that deserve protection and respect. We’ve prioritized fostering a deep reverence for the mountain by offering our residents breathtaking 360° views of Mount Werner from The Astrid’s rooftop lounge and bar.
  • We’re passionate about ensuring visitors to Steamboat feel welcomed and connected to the local town. That’s why our team is committed to putting community at the center of everything we do. The Astrid’s community partnerships are just one of the ways we are making a positive local impact, helping our residents to contribute towards the flourishing of Steamboat Springs.
  • Eco-conscious vacationers can rest easy in the knowledge that we’ve done our bit to ensure environmental integrity in the construction of our mountainside community. The Astrid’s lush landscaping and commitment to planting native trees not only enhances the beauty of our surroundings, but also contributes towards Steamboat’s ecological balance.
  • Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there. Residents can expect to enjoy the finest ethically made interiors and furniture, thanks to The Astrid’s exclusive partnership with Montie & Joie. Refined mountain luxury reaches its peak as our residents can not only believe in sustainability as a concept, but truly embrace it in their beautiful living spaces.

How The Astrid Hopes to Impact the Ski Industry

It’s safe to say that the ski industry in Colorado is on the cusp of a groundbreaking transformation. The Astrid in Steamboat Springs stands as a pioneering forerunner of this new era.

We believe that The Astrid’s influence will be felt in four key areas:

  1. Our emphasis on exclusivity and the integration of state-of-the-art amenities will set a new benchmark for luxury ski accommodation in Steamboat Springs. We hope our legacy will be one of delivering unforgettable, high-end experiences that cater to the unique requirements of the most discerning outdoor adventures and nature lovers.
  2. The Astrid’s alignment with Steamboat’s ambitious improvement project signals a trend towards extensive and strategic investments in the ski infrastructure in Colorado. We believe that the $220 million investment into the resort will elevate the expectations of those choosing to vacation in Colorado, particularly winter sports enthusiasts.
  3. As environmental concerns gain public awareness, we hope The Astrid’s commitment to eco-friendly practices will act as a catalyst for a broader industry shift towards responsible development.
  4. With The Astrid’s dedication to embracing Steamboat traditions, active community involvement, and protecting the splendor of Mount Werner, we anticipate that visitors to Colorado will come to expect a friendliness between locals and the ski community. We hope to see the wider ski industry’s high standards extend out to the surrounding environment and community, just as we see in Steamboat Springs.

Leading the Way, Alongside You

As the Steamboat Ski Resort ushers in a new era of innovation, respect for nature, and community involvement, we’re certain that this enchanting town will shape the direction of ski destinations across the state. In fact, we want to see Steamboat named as the best ski resort in Colorado.

With the support of our residents, we believe that The Astrid will leave an enduring imprint on the future of the ski industry in Steamboat Springs. As one of the most exclusive mountain communities in Colorado, we recognise the pioneering, culture-setting influence we have, and are determined to build a legacy Steamboat will be proud of.

Discerning vacation goers like you are invited to spearhead this upcoming shift in the ski industry by becoming part of The Astrid’s exclusive community. We want to lead the way, embarking on a new chapter for slopeside vacations that respect nature, embrace history, and are connected to the local town.

To join our community, simply provide us with your name and email address. By doing so, you’ll be invited to join our exclusive mailing list. As part of this list you’ll gain access to insider information, behind-the-scenes content, and a highly personalized email experience reserved only for members of The Astrid community.

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