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Colorado’s Little-Known Wildlife Oasis

Can you hear that? The quiet whistle of a chilly breeze, the gentle pitter-patter of snow falling from a branch, and the swish of something slowly shuffling behind the trees.

Can you feel that? The muscles in your shoulders tense as you stand as still as possible, not wanting to disturb the spectacle that’s gently unfolding in front of your eyes.

Can you taste that? The sting of cool air on your tongue as you gasp at the majestic sight before you.

Can you see that? The bird, or mammal, or beast you’ve always dreamed of seeing, speckled with snowflakes, unaware of your presence, and serenely making its way across the winter landscape.

This is just a glimpse into the blissful experiences in wildlife that await you in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. With 250,000 acres of mountainous vistas, this awe-inspiring region is known worldwide for its unmatched natural beauty.

One particular mountain summit, known as Mount Werner, is a veritable haven of the most remarkable winter scenery and wildlife. In the midst of this quiet hidden gem, elusive and unusual creatures can be encountered in remarkable proximity. Visitors to the mountain are invited to savor quiet moments in nature, before returning to the welcoming ski town at the base of the mountain.

If you’ve decided that this is the year you’ll finally spend more time in nature, like you’ve always said you will, then look no further than the peaceful winter wonderland of Steamboat Springs at the foot of Mount Werner.

Here at The Astrid, we’re passionate about our community finding peace, relaxation, and refreshment as they explore new ways to connect with nature in the wintertime. From sparkling rivers, to unusual optical phenomena that can only be experienced on a snowy mountain peak, the Steamboat Ski Resort is set to become your favorite winter retreat destination.


Serene Snowshoeing in Steamboat Springs

Serene Snowshoeing in Steamboat Springs

If you haven’t tried snowshoeing before, watch out! This gentle winter sport has captured the hearts of nature enthusiasts throughout Colorado.

Snowshoeing is a fantastic method of exploring a snowy mountainside, without the adrenaline rush of skis. Specially designed footwear distributes your weight across a large surface area, enabling you to effortlessly traverse snow-covered landscapes without sinking or slipping.

Popular snowshoeing trails include Uranium Mine, Dry Lake, and Trilby Flats. Each of these trails provide ample opportunities to slowly explore snow-covered shrubs, weave through thick forests, and enjoy intimate encounters with wildlife.

Local non-profit, Yampatika, offers private snowshoeing tours with knowledgeable Naturalist Guides. These wildlife experts will encourage you to deeply connect with nature as you learn about winter ecology, animal tracking, and identifying pants.


Where to See an Alpenglow in Steamboat Springs

Where to See an Alpenglow in Steamboat Springs

This incredible optical phenomena is a true bucket list item that few people will ever experience.

On a dry winter day, two hours before sunset, we recommend hiking up Blackmere Trail on Emerald Mountain. Once you reach the top, the sun will begin to set gently behind you. As you look out over the city of Steamboat Springs, a rosy pink alpenglow will illuminate the mountains in the most spectacular natural light show you’ve ever seen. 

This warm hue is caused by the scattering of sunlight in the Earth’s atmosphere, creating a picturesque view for those patient enough to wait for it. The snow enhances the visibility of the alpenglow, as the sunlight is increasingly diffused, and the vibrant colors stand out against the white mountain peaks.

Don’t forget to bring:

  • A flashlight – the trails get dark after sunset.
  • A camera – you won’t want to forget this once-in-a-lifetime moment.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses – the sun’s rays can be particularly intense at high altitudes.

Winter Fly Fishing on the Yampa River

Winter Fly Fishing on the Yampa River

It’s no secret that Steamboat’s spellbinding fishing scene is what draws many nature enthusiasts to the area during the summer. However, what’s lesser known, is that the winter months offer even better opportunities for anglers to secure the trophy fish of their dreams.

The Yampa River is teeming with insects and fish all year round, with larger fish becoming particularly lethargic when temperatures drop. Throughout the winter, the rainbow and brown trout become increasingly predictable in terms of movement, and are more likely to take advantage of an easy meal (on the end of your line!)

We recommend getting kitted out in your ski gear and wearing a pair of sturdy waders over the top, to stay warm and dry whilst on the river. No extra special equipment is needed, as your usual fly fishing apparatus will work perfectly in the cooler weather.

You can fish mostly undisturbed during the winter months, as the crowds tend to gather at the mountains for snow sports activities. This allows for a particularly tranquil experience, with nothing but the wind and the water speaking to you.

Indulgent Warm Water Experiences

Indulgent Warm Water Experiences

After a long day of snow shoeing, hiking, and winter fishing, there’s nothing like the instant relief of immersing your body in warm water.

Relax your muscles and continue to enjoy Steamboat’s majestic natural surroundings at Strawberry Hot Springs. This rustic setting invites guests to enjoy long, hot soaks (and we mean hot) in a collection of five gorgeous pools. Even in the winter, with ice and snow all around, the temperature of these hot springs sit at around 101°F to 106°F.

If luxurious views of grand mountain landscapes is more your style, The Astrid’s rooftop bar is perfect for you. Our indoor/outdoor hot tub experience has been thoughtfully designed to enable our residents to enjoy remarkable views of Mount Werner in every direction.

So whether you’re looking for rugged natural springs, or refined thermal pools, Steamboat Springs has ample opportunities to enjoy a relaxing soak surrounded by wildlife.


Planning Your Winter Wildlife Retreat in Colorado

Can you feel that? That’s the stress leaving your body, and a sense of peace overcoming you, as you book your next winter wildlife retreat in Colorado.

Steamboat Springs is the perfect location for you to deepen your connection with nature, and experience tranquility like never before. Here at The Astrid we’ve carefully curated our luxury residences to relieve you of any inconvenience, so that you can fully enjoy the rejuvenating effects of time spent on a snowy mountainside.

We invite you to experience the refreshment of an opulent winter retreat, by becoming part of The Astrid community. To join our community, simply provide us with your name and email address. By doing so, you’ll be invited to join our exclusive mailing list. As part of this list you’ll gain access to insider information, behind-the-scenes content, and a highly personalized email experience reserved only for members of The Astrid community.

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