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The Steamboat Springs Multi Million Dollar Expansion

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, has long been a haven for outdoor enthusiasts seeking their next adventure. With pristine snow, rushing rivers, tranquil lakes, and a vibrant local community, visitors are compelled to return again and again to this majestic mountain resort for year-round adventures.

In recent years, the Steamboat Ski Resort has undergone a remarkable $220+ million expansion entitled ‘Full Steam Ahead’. This expansion has seen improvements to the resort’s terrain, the installation of more lifts, the construction of a world-class learning center, and an enhanced base area experience. 

Many people are surprised to hear about the deeply positive impact this transformation is having on the local environment. As an area that’s home to 7 endangered or threatened species, with a tourist industry that relies on the flourishing of the natural environment, The City of Steamboat Springs has worked hard to preserve the ecology of the area whilst protecting the economic and cultural success of the town.

Here at The Astrid, we’re passionate about engaging with the ongoing eco-friendly initiatives in Steamboat Springs, as we feel a great sense of responsibility to our mountainside home. As the ski resort continues to improve, we know that our community plays a significant role in the overall prosperity of the local people, infrastructure, and wildlife in Steamboat Springs.

We invite you to explore the remarkable conservation efforts that are shaping the Steamboat expansion, and to discover your unique role in protecting the local environment.

1 – Snowmaking Technology in Steamboat Springs

Snowmaking Technology in Steamboat Springs

One of the standout features of the Steamboat expansion is the integration of cutting-edge technology to minimize environmental impact. Steamboat Ski Resort is revolutionizing its snowmaking capabilities as part of the Full Steam Ahead initiative, by embracing the most efficient and sustainable snowmaking equipment available.

Steamboat’s latest snowmaking equipment pumps more water with less air, uses smoother and more efficient pipes, and incorporates smart technology with individual weather stations for each snowmaking gun. This offers a number of environmental benefits:

  • Efficiency and resource conservation: By pumping more water with less air, the equipment operates with higher efficiency, reducing overall energy consumption.
  • Equipment longevity: The use of smoother pipes reduces friction loss over time which ensures that the system operates at optimal efficiency, leading to resource savings and lower maintenance requirements.
  • Targeted snowmaking: Incorporating individual weather stations for each snowmaking gun allows for precise and automated control based on real-time weather conditions. This targeted approach ensures that snowmaking activities are only carried out when weather conditions are conducive, reducing unnecessary resource usage and environmental impact.
  • Environmental control: The ability to control snow density is very important for environmental sustainability. Man-made snow, which tends to be denser, can last longer and requires less frequent replenishment. Steamboat’s control over snow quality contributes to responsible water usage and sustainable approach to slope maintenance.


2 – Waste Reduction in Steamboat Springs

Waste Reduction in Steamboat Springs

In 2021, the City of Steamboat Springs adopted the Routt County Climate Action Plan, which identified an ambitious waste reduction target to increase the diversion of waste to landfill to 46 percent by 2030 and 85 percent by 2050.

Bold steps have been taken to reach these targets, as commercial and residential waste collection companies operating within Steamboat offer customers a curbside recycling program at no extra fee. There are also a number of local recycling drop-off options for residents and guests, including Yampa Valley Recycles Depot, Twin Enviro, and Waste Management.

In perhaps their most brazen move to reduce waste to date, the ‘Bag Free in the ‘Boat’ initiative began in 2023. All stores in Steamboat Springs are required to charge a 20 cent fee for all carryout bags. In 2024, stores will not be able to give single-use carryout bags to customers at all.

This is a wonderful opportunity for residents and visitors to make one simple, sustainable change to their routines by bringing their own reusable bags when shopping. The implementation of these waste initiatives not only contributes to a greener environment but also sets a national standard for resorts aiming to balance adventure with ecological consciousness.

3 – Energy Efficiency in Steamboat Springs

Energy Efficiency in Steamboat Springs

As part of the Full Steam Ahead project, the base area has seen dramatic improvements to make it a real centerpiece of the Steamboat community. Improvements include a purpose-built food hall, a stage for live performances, and a new ice skating rink. Every effort has been made to ensure that these new buildings are as energy efficient as possible, and are all LEED-certified. Energy and water usage is now monitored in real time, allowing the resort to adjust operations to conserve energy and water throughout the day.

These structures display a true commitment to sustainable development in Steamboat, paving the way for a future where luxury and environmental responsibility go hand-in-hand.

4 – Guest Education in Steamboat Springs

Guest Education in Steamboat Springs

Education plays a pivotal role in fostering a sustainable mindset among guests to Steamboat Springs. As part of the Full Steam Ahead project, visitors are provided with information on how to responsibly enjoy the mountain, encouraging them to be stewards of the environment during their stay. 

This includes:

  • Interacting safely with wildlife
  • ‘Leave no trace’ ethos for exploring the mountain
  • Waste disposal

By providing ample opportunities to educate visitors on how to look after our town, Steamboat recognizes the role each individual plays in preserving the beauty of the local area.

5 – An Environmentally-Conscious Vacation Home Experience

An Environmentally-Conscious Vacation Home Experience

Due to Steamboat’s all-season appeal, and incredible resort improvement, we’re tackling the need for vacation homes that guests can return to all year round. The Astrid is a purpose-built, ski-in, ski-out residential community, boasting luxury like Steamboat Springs has never seen before.

Here’s how we help the most discerning vacation-goers make incredible slopeside memories, whilst positively impacting the local environment, and enjoying the natural beauty of the mountain:

  • Over 50% of The Astrid’s location will be made up of green spaces as we incorporate flat roofs and garden areas onto our slopeside buildings.
  • Triple pane windows are installed throughout the property to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles will be available on-site, as we’re coming alongside the Steamboat Springs community to dramatically reduce the impact of vehicles on the environment.
  • We’re using sustainable materials and production methods in the construction of The Astrid, which enhances our environmental integrity, and compliments our commitment to luxury, legacy, and community living.
  • Interiors are furnished with handmade furniture and décor, sourced from a group of mostly female artisans who are paid fair, livable wages.
  • Lush landscaping and native tree planting enhance the natural beauty and sustainability of our mountainside property.

A Community Committed to Steamboat’s Flourishing

In a world where luxury living and environmental responsibility often seem at odds, Steamboat Ski Resort ushers in a new era of innovation, respect for nature, and community involvement. We’re proud of how this charming town is leading the way for positive change in the ski industry.

As the most luxurious residential community on the mountain, we believe that The Astrid’s residents will leave an enduring impact on the future of sustainability in Steamboat Springs. We recognise the pioneering, culture-setting influence our community has, and we’re excited to come alongside people like you to build a legacy Steamboat will be proud of.

Choosing The Astrid means becoming part of a community that values sustainability, conservation, and responsible luxury. As you sip your morning coffee on a slopeside balcony, or unwind in the serene beauty of your residence, you can be confident that your decision is contributing towards greener, more responsible Steamboat Springs.

And the best thing about The Astrid community? You don’t even have to step through our doors to start making a positive impact in Steamboat. Influencing the future of responsible mountainside vacation starts by providing us with your name and email address.

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