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Where Luxury Meets the Great Outdoors

When you picture Colorado, what do you see?

Mountain lake nestled among the peaks of Mount Evans, Colorado,

Mountains that disappear into the sky, endless rushing waters (despite being a landlocked state), and vibrant natural wonders that stretch beyond the horizon – just to name a few.

With so many opportunities to explore nature, Luxurious Outdoor Activities in Colorado aren’t hard to come by. It’s no wonder Colorado is such a popular vacation destination for the discerning traveler and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

However, there’s a downside to this beloved vacation hot spot…

You’ve most likely heard of Vail – a wondrous place filled with glorious glades and terrain! Which almost makes spending a whole afternoon in a long lift line worth it. And then there’s Aspen – a picturesque haven of luxury, populated with hordes and hordes of tourists all competing for those precious activity bookings.

Colorado is and always will be, the go-to place to connect with nature, try out a new adventure, and make precious memories with loved ones. But, many popular destinations have become over-commercialized and suffocatingly busy, leaving you feeling lost in a sea of vacation-goers – not very luxurious at all.

We believe that ‘luxury’ finds its authentic definition in a charming city in northwest Colorado – known as Steamboat Springs. This functioning ranching town is nestled at the foot of a remarkable mountain range and is known worldwide as Ski Town USA®. 

With abundant natural beauty, welcoming local people, and outdoor adventures a-plenty, Steamboat Springs is home to some of the most luxurious outdoor activities in Colorado.

How You Define Luxury Matters

We're a space where you can experience luxury

Here in Steamboat Springs, you’ll never feel nameless. True luxury is found in thoughtful personal touches, tailor-made adventures, and the feeling of being recognized as a unique individual. Steamboat Springs’ welcoming community and diverse range of activities guarantee you a perfectly crafted vacation experience, personalized to your exact requirements.

When it comes to which luxury outdoor activities in Colorado to embark on, it’s important that you choose experiences that speak directly to your personal desires and preferences.

We’re passionate about helping you to discover the very best luxury outdoor adventures for you and your travel companions. We’ve established three definitions of luxury so that you can get a feel for each of our recommended activities, and decide whether they’re the right choice for your next vacation in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Luxury is Personalized

Activities that are tailored to your interests, ability, and group size will ensure that you can create unforgettable memories whilst enjoying all the opulence and grandeur of the natural world.

Luxury is Private

Nothing says ‘luxury’ quite like one-on-one service from expert guides, away from the crowds, with no wait times!

Luxury is Pioneering

There’s something inspiring about trying something new for the first time. Better yet, being the first among your friends or family to partake in that activity! With personalization, privacy, and pioneering in mind, we’ve curated a list of the most luxurious outdoor activities in Colorado.

Be warned, when you reach the end of our list you’ll be tempted to book the next flight out to Steamboat Springs…


Ice Fishing With Steamboat Springs Guided Fishing Tours

A man in an orange jacket ice fishing

An all-ages outdoor adventure like no other! Your friendly guide will facilitate a fun and distraction-free ice fishing experience, guaranteeing that you’ll catch a fish on the expansive Stagecoach Marina.

Personalized: All abilities and group sizes are empowered to catch their very own brown trout, rainbow trout, or pike, surrounded by picturesque Yampa Valley mountains.

Private: An expert guide will dedicate themselves exclusively to your group, providing you with an enclosed heated hut, hot drinks, snacks, and all the equipment you need to catch a whopper!

Pioneering: As part of this experience you’ll have access to the most up-to-date technology for ice fishing on the lake, including personal fish finders and remarkable underwater cameras.

Book ice fishing on the Steamboat Springs Guided Fishing Tours website.

Guided Winter Horseback Riding with Del’s Triangle 3 Ranch

Two people wearing Stetsons, horseback riding in the snow

It’s impossible not to smile when horseback riding across mountain slopes, with Champagne Powder® snow spraying in every direction! Your experienced guide will lead you on an awe-inspiring trail ride through the sparkling white Colorado wilderness – truly the experience of a lifetime.

Personalized: You’ll be personally matched with a well-trained horse that perfectly suits your personality and physical requirements.

Private: One of the ranch’s expert guides will share insider information about the Steamboat Springs ski resort, history, and wildlife, with your group.

Pioneering: There’s no sight more unique to Steamboat Springs than a cowboy on horseback in the snow. Join in with an age-old tradition, whilst playing a part in carrying this Western legacy into the future.

Book winter horseback riding on the Del’s Triangle 3 Ranch website.

Steamboat Springs Bike Tour With Pedego Electric Bikes

A person rides an electric bike

With ample opportunities to enjoy mountain biking throughout Colorado, Steamboat Springs offers summertime visitors a unique opportunity to ride further and travel faster, without getting tired, on the seat of a top-class electric bike.

Personalized: This two hour adventure through Steamboat Springs is tailored to the exact requirements of the group, from which bike to rent, to where you’ll ride to.

Private: Your group will be provided with a knowledgeable and friendly tour guide who will share their expertise of both bikes and the local area with you.

Pioneering: Experience Steamboat just like a local whilst embracing the exciting future of electric vehicle technology. Enjoy luxury outdoor activities in Colorado

Book an electric bike tour of Steamboat Springs on the Pedego Electric Bikes website.

Massage and a Soak at Strawberry Park Hot Springs

A woman enjoys the hot spring

As one of the most iconic luxury outdoor activities in Colorado, this enchanting natural hot spring epitomizes relaxation. Elevate your visit with a private massage so that you can feel the full physical benefits of spending time at a hot spring.

Personalized: The highly trained, licensed massage therapists will tailor your experience to your exact needs. For a truly unique massage that alleviates pain and discomfort, book a watsu aquatic therapy appointment in the dedicated watsu pool.

Private: Whilst you’re unable to privately reserve the hot springs, in the evening the lighting is extremely low, giving you supreme privacy as clothes are optional after sundown.

Pioneering: In order to help you relax and keep the pool setting as natural as possible, expect absolutely nowhere to charge your phone – quite a groundbreaking decision in this day and age!

Book a massage on the Strawberry Park Hot Springs website.

Hot Air Balloon Ride With Wild West Balloon Adventures

The Wild West balloon flying against a clear blue sky

A true year-round adventure, you and your companions are invited to drift over the Steamboat Springs area in a beautiful, yet sturdy hot air balloon, enjoying stunning views of the Flat Top Mountains and Hahn’s Peak.

Personalized: Indulge in delicious light snacks, raise a toast with a champagne ceremony, and claim your personalized flight certificate with pride.

Private: Private basket reservations are available for up to 8 adults, guaranteeing you a magical ballooning experience.

Pioneering: Traveling between 1500 ft and 2000 ft up in the air, following the whims of the wind, no two trips on the balloon are the same.

Book a hot air balloon ride on the Wild West Ballooning website.

Rooftop Relaxation at The Astrid

Three hands clink wine glasses

Encompassing approximately 8,000 square feet, The Astrid’s expansive rooftop boasts an indoor/outdoor bar, hot tubs, and firepits, with incredible 360° views of Mount Werner and the Flat Tops mountain range.

Personalized: Everything we do here at The Astrid, from the thoughtful construction of our rooftop bar, to our dedicated concierge service, is done with you in mind.

Private: Host a private party, wine tasting, or dinner with friends in rooftop areas that can be reserved at your request.

Pioneering: The Astrid offers a luxurious experience, the likes of which cannot be found elsewhere in the Steamboat Ski resort area. With unmatched personalized service, to top-of-the-range technological integrations, The Astrid is a unique blend of authentic community and high-end luxury.

Discover The Astrid’s Remarkable Residential Community

Luxurious Vacations in a Mountainside Oasis

After reading our curated list of luxury outdoor activities in Colorado, there’s no doubt that you’ll soon be opening a new tab and Googling ‘flights to Steamboat Springs, CO.’

But, before you go, we invite you to join our community of like-minded luxury-lovers to keep you up-to-date with Steamboat’s newest outdoor experiences. Why? Because there’s something mysterious about Steamboat Springs where visitors just keep coming back… And we want to help make your next trip as luxurious as possible.

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