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Purchasing a Vacation Home in Steamboat Springs

Welcome to a world where timeless charm meets unparalleled adventure, welcome to Steamboat Springs. Located in a vibrant corner of the Rocky Mountains, this hidden gem isn’t just another ski town… it’s a place where memories are crafted, legacies are built, and the spirit of community thrives.

To the Sherman family, founders of The Astrid, Steamboat was never just a ski town. After numerous yearly vacations, this hidden gem in the Rocky Mountains became a home to connect with loved ones, a destination for relaxation and adventure, and a place to build a legacy to pass down the generations. And now, they’re extending that legacy to you.

As you explore your options of laying down permanent roots in Steamboat Springs, we invite you to delve into the rich history and vibrant culture of this charming mountain town. We’ll help you to discover how owning a vacation home at The Astrid seamlessly weaves you into this enduring legacy.


A Rich Tapestry of History and Culture

Statue of Buddy Werner at Steamboat Springs Ski Resort.

Hundred of years before the first pioneers arrived in Steamboat Springs, the Yampa Valley was the summer hunting grounds for indigenous people. The Yampatika Ute, Ute Indians, and Arapaho tribes made incredible contributions towards the flourishing ecology of the area, which was officially recognised by the City Council in 2020. Not only this, but Steamboat’s indigenous history is packed with intriguing folklore that adds to the charm and historical significance of the town.

In the early 1800s, French fur trappers named this charming area on the mountain ‘Steamboat Springs’ as they mistakenly thought they’d heard the chugging sound of a Steamboat’s engine. The origin of this sound is still a mystery, although many believe it was a naturally occurring sound from one of the many nearby hot springs.

In 1874, James Crawford ventured into the Yampa Valley seeking a homestead site. By 1902 this area became a town with 3 hotels, 3 livery stables, 3 banks, 4 general stores, 2 meat markets, and a variety of other businesses and ranches. The history of skiing in Steamboat Springs is just as old as ranching, as skis were an essential method of transportation for the pioneers during Colorado’s long winters. In the early 1910s, skiing became a more formalized sport in the town and attracted tourists from all over the country.

Steamboat’s cowboy-skier culture can be traced back to 1974 when professional rodeo cowboy Larry Mahan teamed up with the famous skier Billy Kidd, to bring ProRodeo stars from the Denver Stock Show to Steamboat Springs for a snow-sports event like no other – the Cowboy Downhill. This annual event is continued to this day, and highlights just how important cowboy skiers are to the town’s history.


Steamboat Resort’s Evolution

The Wild Blue Gondola in the snow

In 2021, Steamboat Ski Resort entered into a multi-million dollar base area redevelopment and on-mountain improvement project called ‘Full Steam Ahead’. This project embraces all the traditional features that have made Steamboat such a beloved vacation spot for decades, whilst revamping the experience for guests and locals alike.

Steamboat’s rejuvenation project will be remembered as a cornerstone moment in Steamboat’s history. With upgraded infrastructure and remarkable new amenities, this expansion will see Steamboat becoming the second largest ski resort in Colorado.

With physical and emotional ties to the city, the Sherman family wanted to play a significant role in this transformation, and contribute to the incredible evolution of Steamboat Springs. As a result, The Astrid was born.


A Beacon of Luxury and Heritage

A couple and concierge handling their luggage

Here at The Astrid we’re on a mission to redefine adventure by creating a unique community where you can immerse yourself in the most luxurious, convenient, and personalized vacation experiences, from the comfort of your very own home-away-from-home.

Gone are the days where a mountainside vacation meant sacrificing the day-to-day luxuries that you’ve grown accustomed to, as our impeccably designed residences are built with your ease of living in mind. Steamboat Springs, with its rich history and traditional western heritage, is well-known for the welcoming local community which keeps visitors returning again and again. Our team is inspired by Steamboat’s cultural legacy to extend lavish Western hospitality to each one of our residents.


Your Vacation Home at The Astrid

A rendering of The Townhomes at The Astrid
The Townhomes residences at The Astrid

We believe that your vacation home should feel like a vacation. All too often, arriving at a vacation home is a stressful experience. An endless to-do list of building maintenance, housekeeping, rental guest management, utilities, and more. But not at The Astrid…

Our approach to caring for each residence is inspired by Steamboat Springs’ tradition of extravagant Western hospitality. The Astrid provides comprehensive housekeeping, maintenance, and logistics for each resident, guaranteeing that your relaxation will never be interrupted by changing a pesky lightbulb.

Our carefully selected amenities and services unburden you from the troublesome responsibilities of owning a vacation home, allowing you to truly relax and enjoy the slopeside lifestyle.

Amenities at The Astrid:

  • Après ski club at the base of the mountain
  • Rooftop and bar, hot tubs, and firepits with remarkable views of Mount Werner
  • Ski and sports locker room with private lockers and storage
  • Exclusive partnership with Switchback Sports for the latest in equipment and gear rentals on-site
  • In-ground pool
  • State-of-the-art gym

Service Highlights:

  • Highly personalized white-glove service and concierge
  • Private shuttle to and from downtown Steamboat, operated via a convenient mobile app
  • Full-service care of every residence

Luxury Amenities in All Residences:

  • Remarkable views
  • Large private balconies
  • Glass multi slider balcony doors
  • Crestron automation to control shades and lighting
  • Steam shower in primary bathroom
  • Assigned, underground parking space


Making The Astrid Your New Home-Away-From-Home

The Astrid offers 61+ upscale private residences within a welcoming residential community of seven buildings. We’re intentionally building The Astrid one residence at a time (quite literally), prioritizing your living experience above all else. Each residence, each room, and each space is designed to ensure you feel like you belong.

Inspired by Steamboat’s rich heritage, The Astrid exists so that your family’s legacy in Steamboat Springs will extend far beyond your lifetime. This is the place where we hope your grandkids, and great-grandkids, will create their fondest memories.

Construction begins in mid-summer 2024 on the first of our luxurious buildings – The Townhomes. The Townhomes are The Astrid’s most exclusive residences, with only four units to one building. Each residence in The Townhomes is available to purchase now, with the top floor residence already secured for purchase leaving three remaining.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be among the founding members of Steamboat’s most luxurious vacation home community. Book a call with our friendly team to discuss the next steps in purchasing your dream vacation home in the most enchanting town this side of the Rocky Mountains.

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