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An Enchanting Ski Town

Steamboat Ski Resort base area and slopeside

The story of The Astrid begins with a rowdy bunch of teenagers spending their winter break with a charity-run youth group. College dorm rooms filled with excited kids might seem like a strange genesis for a luxury residential community, but this is the setting where a young Myles Sherman fell in love with Steamboat’s slopes for the first time.

At only 16, Myles saved up his own money to join the winter camp, and got tickets for the lift as part of the deal. Having never skied before, Myles and his friends strapped on their rented skis and had a blast carving the slopes for the very first time. Filled with youthful over-excitement, these intrepid teens tried their hand at black runs – making plenty of unintentional snow angels along the way.

It was during his incredible first time on the mountain that Myles developed an affinity for Steamboat Springs, and experienced the inexplicable pull that this charming ski-town has on visitors. Locals call it the “Yampa Valley Curse”…

The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Answer

Skiers at Steamboat Ski Resort

What was it that kept Myles returning like a boomerang to Steamboat Springs?

Was it the otherworldly mountainside adventures? The euphoria of floating through Champagne Powder® snow, whilst looking out over clouds and mountain peaks? The exceptional scenery to be enjoyed in every season? It was all this, and more. 

As Myles returned time and time again, along with his wife, Terrell, and their three children, it became clear that what was so captivating about Steamboat Springs wasn’t simply the exciting tourist attractions, but also the authenticity, heritage, and friendliness of the town.

Family favorites included the vast collection of parks, the array of incredible restaurants, endless opportunities for physical activity, and hours upon hours of relaxation in the hot springs. Each trip to Steamboat felt effortless and intimate, a great contrast to daily life in a crowded city.

As the Sherman children grew into adulthood, and their busy lives led to less frequent time together as a family, Myles and Terrell realized that they needed a desirable gathering place where their loved ones could continue to get together and make precious memories. They wanted to cultivate a home-away-from-home experience that would guarantee adventure, entertainment, and relaxation for their whole family for years to come.

A Place to Call ‘Home’

After they purchased their new home in Steamboat Springs, Terrell Sherman, a third generation interior designer, carefully created a warm and inviting abode for her family. Every element of the space was designed to nurture unforgettable memories for many years to come.

Over the years, the Sherman family experienced remarkable moments, solidifying Steamboat Springs as a cornerstone location for their family memories; the birth of grandkids in the nearby hospital, daily visits to the historic library, marriage proposals, life-long friendships formed over exercise classes, and, most noteworthy of all, their daughter’s wedding day celebrated right within the walls of their home.

The Sherman family realized that Steamboat Springs had everything

To them, it was never just a ski town. The ‘Boat became somewhere of profound significance; a home to connect with loved ones, a destination for relaxation and adventure, a haven of cherished memories, a place to build a legacy that would be passed down the generations.

In 2021, the $220M base area redevelopment and on-mountain improvement project ‘Full Steam Ahead’ began, helping to secure Steamboat as one of the top resort destinations in the world. With physical and emotional ties to the city, Myles wanted his family to play a significant role in this transformation, and contribute to the incredible evolution of Steamboat Springs.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Map showing The Astrid's location at the base of Mount Werner.

Signing the contract to begin developing The Astrid happened very quickly. The Sherman’s secured the largest parcel of ski-in, ski-out land on the mountain, two days before it was even publicly listed. Myles simply knew this was an unmissable opportunity.

As the biggest development of his career, Myles made a serious decision to let go of a number of other projects in order to fully give himself to The Astrid. With a clear focus, and a personal philosophy of always striving to be the best, Myles, his family, and their team, embarked on creating the most luxurious residential community Steamboat Springs had ever seen.

Offering an estimated 165,000 total saleable square footage across approximately 75 units, The Astrid experience includes 280 feet of slopeside skiing access and unparalleled views of the ski slope and Flat Top Mountains.

No detail has been missed in the creation of The Astrid, where the luxury of a pristine ski mountain meets authentic Western hospitality.

Unparalleled Luxury

Four friends clink wine glasses

Every single corner of The Astrid has been crafted with optimal comfort, utmost convenience, and unparalleled enjoyment in mind. 

The rooftop bar and hot tubs have been designed to enable residents to experience breathtaking views of Mount Werner, no matter whether the snow is falling or the sun is shining. The ski locker room features a closed-off area for residents to meet with the on-site Switchback Sports team and try out different equipment in comfort and privacy.

Even something as simple as the placement of benches, the storage of housekeeping equipment, a 20-year guarantee on windows, or the installation of easily cleanable floors, has been meticulously designed to guarantee a pleasurable experience.

As if that wasn’t luxurious enough, residents don’t have to worry about the bottomless upkeep that often accompanies ownership of a vacation home, as The Astrid’s experienced housekeepers and maintenance staff take care of everything.

The level of service within this remarkable residential community is usually only found in more expensive markets – but here at The Astrid, luxurious offerings and amenities are the standard.

A Community of Legacy-Makers

A group of skiers carrying their equipment towards Steamboat Ski Resort

Twenty years from now, the residents of The Astrid will be irresistibly drawn to Steamboat, returning time and time again to spend cherished moments with loved ones, guests, and friends they made within our walls. The excitement of visiting their gorgeous home-away-from-home will never wear off, and the memories created here will continue to enrich their family for generations to come.

The Astrid is not only an impressive condominium with unprecedented luxury and breathtaking surroundings, it’s a community of like-minded adventurers seeking to build a legacy that extends beyond their lifetime and beyond their walls.

Each resident plays a vital role in the success and prosperity of Steamboat Springs, the local populace, and the natural environment. By engaging with one another, nurturing connections, and investing in the surrounding community, The Astrid contributes towards a legacy that will be cherished well into the future.

Myles hopes that when he reaches 100 years old, he’ll be shredding the slopes with his great-grandkids, reveling in the majesty of Mount Werner just as he did at 16.


Building Your Legacy at The Astrid

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