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Vacations in Steamboat Springs With Your Adult Children

In the hustle and bustle of adult life, finding a moment where your family’s schedules align is rare. It’s extra special when your whole family can get together to spend a vacation together, and enjoy some much-needed quality time.

It can be easy to settle into the mundane routine of simply ‘going home’ for a family reunion. But these occasions are so few and far between, why not make your next family gathering extra special? Break free from the ordinary and embark on an unforgettable adventure as a family.

Steamboat Springs, located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, offers a great number of bucket-list-worthy experiences for your family to enjoy together. Your next vacation with your adult kids is set to be the most exhilarating, luxurious, and memorable one yet.

Rodeo Spectating in Steamboat Springs

A cowboy on a horse holding the American flag

A vacation to Steamboat Springs wouldn’t be complete without an evening at Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo at the Romick Rodeo Arena. It’s one of the very best ways to immerse your family in Steamboat’s remarkable ranching history.

Every Friday and Saturday night from July through August, skillful professionals engage in bareback riding, team roping, and steer wrestling. This display of Western ranching talent is particularly popular to enjoy as part of the town’s Fourth of July celebrations.

We recommend arriving at the arena early to secure a place in the much-coveted Gold Buckle Seats for the best view in the house.

Fly Fishing in Steamboat Springs

Create unforgettable memories with your adult children by booking a private fishing expedition with Steamboat Fishing Adventures. This group of expert guides provide year-round fishing opportunities unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

These are our favorite picks:

  • Ice Fishing Adventures: Using the very latest in ice-fishing technology, you and your group will experience a 3-hour adventure from the comfort of a specially built hut. For a little extra excitement, spear fishing is also available!
  • Sunset Boat Cruise: You and up to 9 of your friends will enjoy a peaceful sunset cruise on Steamboat Fishing Adventure’s luxury trippletoon. The team will even cook your catch on site, simply ask for more details upon booking.
  • Exclusive Guided Night Fishing: The Steamboat Fishing Adventures team claim that this trip will be the highlight of your vacation, guaranteeing large numbers of fish and remarkable opportunities to observe wildlife.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Steamboat Springs

A group in a hot air balloon basket

If it’s not on your family’s bucket list already, it needs to be! The team at Wild West Ballooning offer year-round flight experiences as you follow the whims of the wind in a sturdy yet beautiful hot air balloon. 

This is an outdoor adventure you’ll remember for a lifetime. You and your adult kids can enjoy stunning views of the Flat Top Mountains and Hahn’s Peak, indulge in delicious light snacks, and raise a toast with a champagne ceremony.

Helicopter Tours in Steamboat Springs

A man exploring the inside of a helicopter

If your family simply can’t get enough of those airborne adventures, hop on board a helicopter for an atmospheric voyage across the Steamboat skyline. Whilst this activity can be enjoyed in all seasons, we highly recommend booking during the fall when Steamboat’s aspens paint the landscape with remarkable golden hues.

Our choppers of choice:

  • Enjoy a fully customizable sky-high expedition with Zephyr Helicopter Company.
  • Admire the breathtaking views during a joy ride with Helicopters Charter.

Birdwatching in Steamboat Springs

Six Canada geese flying in the sky

Steamboat Springs is an ecologically diverse area in Colorado, boasting an array of different wildlife. Most notable of all is the variety of migratory birds that make their way to Steamboat throughout the year.

April and May are especially good months to go birdwatching with your family, as this season is often overlooked by travelers, and unveils a quieter, more intimate side of the town.

To get up close to these birds, all that your family members need are some sturdy boots, binoculars, and patience. Without a doubt, this mountain town is the ideal setting for family groups to immerse themselves in nature by observing these stunning winged creatures.

Foraging in Steamboat Springs

A person holding a basket full of green leaves

A growing community of vacationers are choosing to connect more deeply with Steamboat’s natural environment, by engaging in the age-old tradition of foraging

This one-of-a-kind experience will transform your next family vacation into an unforgettable adventure. It’s a chance to immerse your adult kids in the local landscape, and discover hidden culinary treasures that go beyond the typical tourist experience.

Foraging favorites in Steamboat Springs include common chickweed, watercress, juniper berries, wild plums, sunflowers, and so much more!

Western Cuisine in Steamboat Springs

Ore house at the pine grove exterior, covered in snow at night

All those mountainside adventures will leave you and your loved ones hungry. Thankfully, Steamboat Springs is home to a range of authentic Western restaurants that serve hearty meals – perfect for after a long day exploring the mountain with your family.

Our favorite Western eats include:

  • Ore House at the Pine Grove – From inside a historic barn, dating back to the 1880s, a relaxed yet sophisticated restaurant has been serving authentic Western cuisine for over 50 years.
  • E3 Chophouse – Serving a selection of seafood, soups, and salads, the crowning jewel of E3 Chophouse is their responsibly raised black angus beef.
  • Truffle Pig – This decadent restaurant boasts a varied menu that offers a mix of Western-inspired cuisine alongside modern American dishes. 
  • Haymaker Patio Grill – Located on a lush green Championship Golf Course, the Haymaker Patio Grill offers a broad menu of Southwestern flavors.
  • 8th Street Steakhouse – Customers select hand-cut steak, seafood or chicken from the on-site butcher shop, then cook it to perfection on a 20-foot lava rock grill.

Museums in Steamboat Springs

The tread of pioneers museum

Steamboat Springs is a wellspring of Western tradition and heritage, bursting at the seams with monuments and museums dedicated to preserving history. This authentic ranching town has flourished into a hugely desirable vacation destination for families who want to immerse themselves in American history.

Stop by these museums on your next visit:

  • Steamboat Art Museum – This gallery houses contributions from local artists and caters to every taste. From the majestic landscapes of John Fawcett, to the dynamic mixed-media pieces of Jill Bergman.
  • Tread of Pioneers Museum – This museum’s exhibits walk you through the lives of the area’s indigenous people and their art, the earliest days of the town when settlers put down their roots, to Steamboat’s evolution into the thriving snow sports community we all love to visit today.

Boutique Shopping in Steamboat Springs

A couple laugh while carrying colorful paper shopping bags

It wouldn’t be a vacation with your adult kids without splashing out on some local goodies! Luxury boutiques and independent retailers are becoming more abundant throughout Steamboat Springs, drawing in discerning shoppers from all over Colorado.

Downtown Steamboat offers everything from fashion stores, jewelers, high-end sports equipment, bakeries, and children’s shops. You and your family are guaranteed to spend hours (if not, days) exploring this plethora of enchanting boutiques. You might even come home with a souvenir or two…

Wine Tasting in Steamboat Springs

A wine bottle and glass on a wooden table

What could be more luxurious than enjoying an afternoon wine-tasting with your adult kids? Gone are the days of picky-eating, mini-league games, and sibling squabbles. Now you and your family can indulge in one of life’s most opulent luxuries – fine wine.

Steamboat Springs, an enchanting ranching town with a rich Western history, boasts a treasure trove of elegant wineries, skillful sommeliers, and sophisticated fine dining experiences.

As a private space for members of the Fifty5Degrees Wine Club, The Collective Wine Bar invites wine enthusiasts to taste wines from all over the world in a comfortable setting. In addition to wine bar access, club members get to experience personal sommelier access, winemaker dinners, exclusive events, and discounted wine selections.

Book Your Next Family Reunion in Steamboat Springs

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