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Hook, Line, and Luxury

One of the most captivating activities in Steamboat Springs, that keeps visitors returning all year round, is the remarkable fly fishing scene. Some say that Steamboat offers the best fishing experiences in the entire country!

Anglers of all abilities will enjoy the clear visibility and steady currents available here in Steamboat. The temperate lakes, creeks, and rivers are teeming with insects and fish, making it the perfect setting for a satisfying fishing experience.


Why Fish in Steamboat Springs?

The Yampa River flows right through the heart of Steamboat, where miles of quiet locations are available for catch-and-release fishing. Catches include rainbow and brown trout, which anglers are able to fish all along the river. Steamboat Lake is another popular destination for catching a diverse range of fish, including walleye, northern pike, and largemouth bass.

The ultimate key to having a good fishing experience in Steamboat is to speak with the local anglers. Fishing enthusiasts in Steamboat mostly keep their local knowledge off the internet, to ensure that the most dedicated anglers are guaranteed a peaceful and satisfying experience.

We’re going to let The Astrid community in on 4 local secrets on how to make your next fishing trip to Steamboat the most exciting one yet.


1. Hidden Gem Locations

Whilst the excitement of fishing in downtown Steamboat is a must-do experience for all keen anglers, at The Astrid we’re partial to locations that are a little more exclusive. An off-the-beaten-track fishing spot will allow you to escape the crowds, enjoy a serene fishing experience, and form a meaningful connection to nature. 

These are some of our favorite lesser-known fishing locations:

  • Elk River: For exquisite solitude, even during peak seasons, Elk River is a magnificent choice where you can catch almost every species of trout in the west. The tailwaters yield large catches all year round, including the wintertime. However, this location tends to be less popular as access can be difficult. The river mostly runs through private locations, but there is public access around the headwaters in Routt National Forest, or in the Christina Wildlife Refuge Area.
  • Mad Creek: This tributary to the Elk River offers parking and a public access trail towards the upper section of the creek. Keen anglers can follow the trail for a few miles before reaching the confluence of the North and South Forest. This hidden spot is difficult to find, with extremely difficult terrain. However, as this section is rarely accessed by anglers, the water is teeming with brook trout, which makes it an extremely satisfying area to fish.
  • Dumont Lake: As one of Steamboat’s higher altitude lakes, this location is not typically busy and is surrounded by glorious mountain peaks. Visitors can enjoy both spin and fly fishing, however Dumont Lake only permits the use of electric motors or hand propelled boats.
  • King Solomon Creek: This remarkable location is kept hush-hush among local anglers in the area. While most visitors are splashing about near the waterfall, fishers seeking the most peaceful experience in Steamboat Springs can walk a little further down the river to catch trout and enjoy the silence. It’s a little tricky to access, so be sure to wear good quality hiking shoes.
  • Trout Creek: As the most controversial fishing location on our list, this isolated spot is extremely polarizing among local anglers. Venture along the Flat Tops Trail Scenic and Historic Byway and stop by this rapid moving creek. Whilst the brook trout may be small, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment after securing a catch in these difficult waters.

2. Guided Fishing Expeditions

Solo-fishing is a wonder in and of itself, but traveling with an expert guide has the power to elevate your angling experience beyond your wildest imagination. Create unforgettable memories by booking a guided expedition with Steamboat Fishing Adventures. This group of expert guides provide year-round fishing opportunities unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

These are our favorite picks:

  • Ice Fishing Adventures: Using the very latest in ice-fishing technology, you and your group will experience a 3-hour adventure from the comfort of a specially built hut. For a little extra excitement, spear fishing is also available!
  • Sunset Boat Cruise: You and up to 9 of your friends will enjoy a peaceful sunset cruise on Steamboat Fishing Adventure’s luxury trippletoon. The team will even cook your catch on site, simply ask for more details upon booking.
  • Exclusive Guided Night Fishing: The Steamboat Fishing Adventures team claim that this trip will be the highlight of your vacation, guaranteeing large numbers of fish and remarkable opportunities to observe wildlife.


3. High Quality Equipment

Every good angler requires the proper gear for a successful and satisfying trip on the water. Sophisticated fishing equipment, such as fishing rods, reels, lines, clothing, and accessories, will enable you to confidently tackle a range of fishing scenarios.

For equipment that guarantees you the most comfortable and memorable fishing experience, we recommend you stop by Steamboat Flyfisher. This remarkable shop is located mere steps away from the Yampa River and stocks everything you need, whether you’re choosing to buy or rent your gear.

The staff are renowned for their friendliness and expertise, and are sure to kit you out with everything you need.  Steamboat Flyfisher also offers private expert guided fishing expeditions for every angler ability, from novice to expert.


4. Acquiring a License

Annually, on the first full weekend in June, anglers are welcome to fish in any public fishing areas in Colorado without a license. Any other time of year, those over 16 years of age are required to purchase a fishing license. 

The process couldn’t be simpler – a variety of licenses are available at 1-day, 5-day, and annual licenses, with significant discounts for seniors and youth. Licenses can be purchased easily via the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website, or by calling 1-800-244-5613.


Exclusive Angling Adventures

Fishing in Steamboat Springs truly is one of the most enchanting experiences that visitors can enjoy. With an abundance of fish, beautiful locations, and expert anglers available to assist you with everything you need, it’s no wonder this town is one of the most coveted fishing destinations in North America.

Our concierge service at The Astrid is passionate about providing residents with unique, personalized adventures. We’re particularly excited to help you with everything you need to make your next fishing expedition in Steamboat the most memorable one yet, as our residences are perfectly set up for last-minute angling adventures. To discover more about our exclusive residential community, we invite you to join our exclusive mailing list.

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