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An Unexpected Treasure Trove of Fine Wine in Colorado

The history of Colorado’s wine industry is over 140 years old, extending back to 1883 when the visionary Arthur Pabor noticed that Colorado’s Grand Valley had the perfect natural conditions for growing grapes. By 1909, more than 1000 farms in Colorado were growing grapes and pressing them into delectable fine wines.

Colorado’s wine industry took a significant hit during the prohibition, which took over 50 years to finally recover. By 1990, the Colorado Department of Agriculture created the wine development board which, to this date, promotes and protects commercial wine production in Colorado. These days the wine industry in Colorado is blossoming, drawing in wine aficionados from all across the country to taste our velvety beverages.

The story of fine wine in Colorado reaches its delicious zenith in the very heart of the Rocky Mountains. Steamboat Springs, an enchanting ranching town with a rich Western history, boasts a treasure trove of elegant wineries, skillful sommeliers, and sophisticated fine dining experiences. This luxurious mountainside haven is considered by many to be the state’s crowning glory of fine wines.

Here at The Astrid we’re honored to be located in a city with such an illustrious reputation and history. We’ve made it a priority to ensure that wine enthusiasts, like you, are able to fully enjoy Steamboat’s opulent wine scene. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the most elegant wineries and fine wine experiences in Steamboat Springs, so that your next mountainside getaway is the most luxurious to date.


Private Wine Experiences with The Collective Wine Bar

the collective wine bar logo

As a private space for members of the Fifty5Degrees Wine Club, The Collective Wine Bar allows wine enthusiasts to taste wines from all over the world in a comfortable setting. In addition to wine bar access, club members get to experience personal sommelier access, winemaker dinners, exclusive events, and discounted wine selections.

In-Home Wine Tasting with Steamboat Winery

the Steamboat Winery logo

After purchasing grapes from California, Steamboat Winery presses and ferments some of the most decadent wines in the Rockies. Each label centers around life in Steamboat, from the Slopeside White Chardonnay, to the Rodeo Merlot, which are popular choices for wedding celebrations in the region.

For an intimate wine tasting experience, Steamboat Winery will send a dedicated sommelier to your home. The sommelier will come equipped with delicious wines and moreish charcuterie, for a cozy yet decadent evening exploring a variety of fine wines.


Perfect Meal Pairings with Wild Plum

The Wild Plum logo

With over 700 varieties of wines, beers, and spirits, the team at Wild Plum will help you find the perfect pairing for your next meal. The welcoming storefront is located nearby the gondola, making it the ideal location to drop in after a day on the slopes.


Chic Fine Wine and Food at Laundry Kitchen & Cocktails

Laundry Kitchen & Cocktails Logo

Diners can enjoy a shared plate concept and a comprehensive selection of wines at Landry Kitchen & Cocktails. Located in the historic Soda Creek building, the contemporary urban interiors create an inviting atmosphere where diners can enjoy an extraordinary happy hour experience where the price of select wines are the same as the time!


The Newest Wines in the World with Ski Town Wine & Spirits

The Ski Town logo

Located at the base of Steamboat ski resort, Ski Town Wine & Spirits stays ahead of the curve, acquiring the newest wine selections from top level producers, before the rest of the world discovers them.

With six knowledgeable sommeliers on staff, this specialty store focuses on offering family owned, organic, biodynamic, and small production wines for their clients. Upon visiting Ski Town Wine & Spirits, the dedicated team will review your purchase history in order to help make the perfect recommendation for your next bottle.

Sophisticated French Wines at Sauvage

Sauvage logo

This unique establishment offers a diverse range of dishes made with locally grown produce that reach your plate within mere hours of leaving the farm. Sauvage’s in-house beverage director, Kyle Currell, will help you find the perfect wine pairing for your meal.

The homely farm-to-table concept meets a divine French twist, with a seasonally changing menu prepared with unrivaled sophistication and style. Groups of up to six people can book an intimate private dining experience at Sauvage’s homely mountainside chalet.


Fine Wine Perfection in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

As we raise a toast to the rich history of Colorado’s wine legacy, it’s undeniable that the story of fine wine in the Rockies reaches its pinnacle in the heart of Steamboat Springs. From the visionary days of Arthur Pabor, to the flourishing wine industry of today, the journey has been one of passion, sophistication, and exquisite taste.

At The Astrid, Our decadent après ski club lounge at the base of the mountain makes for the ideal location to enjoy an aromatic wine whilst looking out at breathtaking views. We’re proud to call Steamboat Springs home, as this hidden gem ski town stands out as the epitome of luxurious vacation experiences in Colorado.

We’ve noticed that many discerning wine enthusiasts are drawn to laying down permanent roots in Steamboat Springs, allowing them to experience the full breadth of Colorado’s fine wine scene. If you’d consider yourself a wine connoisseur, you’ll feel right at home as part of The Astrid’s community of like-minded luxury diners. As part of our community, we’ll share with you members-only insights into local fine wine and culinary events to enable you to make the most of your next visit to Steamboat Springs.

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