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A New Era of Luxury in Steamboat Springs

Welcome to a fresh expression of luxury vacations in Steamboat Springs. This charming town is entering a new era, beckoning adventure seekers from across the world to experience year-round outdoor adventures, rich Western history, and a vibrant culinary scene. The recent multi-million dollar resort transformation is at the forefront of this revolutionary period, elevating the mountain’s offering to opulent new heights.

Intertwined with this remarkable transformation is The Astrid, Steamboat’s newest and most luxurious vacation home community. Gone are the days where a mountainside retreat meant sacrificing the comforts of everyday life. The Astrid stands as a testament to this new standard of luxury vacations, offering impeccably designed residences where sophistication seamlessly intertwines with the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

Central to The Astrid experience is our exceptional team, dedicated to curating an idyllic retreat for you and your guests. From personalized concierge services to bespoke amenities, every aspect is tailored to meet your high standards. But why stop there? 

Elevate your Steamboat Springs getaway by entrusting your vacation essentials to exclusive private staff. Whether it’s transportation, travel planning, gourmet cooking, or personalized experiences, indulge in the epitome of luxury with Steamboat Springs’ most prestigious private services.


Private Travel Agents in Steamboat Springs 

A line of people at an airport

If there’s one downside to vacations, it’s the planning process. Noon enjoys the stress of endless itineraries, booking details, and travel arrangements to juggle… all whilst trying to get on with your day-to-day responsibilities. Here at The Astrid, we believe vacations are meant to feel like a vacation!

A private travel agent can ensure your next vacation to Steamboat Springs is a stress-free experience. Private travel agents provide personalized itineraries, exclusive amenities, and seamless coordination, guaranteeing that you never lose another travel booking to the sea of unread emails in your inbox.

Our top choices for private travel agents in Steamboat Springs:

  • Sonder Travel offers bespoke travel services backed by over 20 years of hospitality expertise. Their services include itinerary planning, concierge assistance, and group travel coordination. With a transparent fee structure and meticulous attention to detail, Sonder Travel ensures a seamless journey from discovery to post-trip reflections, promising unforgettable experiences tailored to individual preferences and travel styles.
  • Benvenuto Travel Design Firm crafts bespoke travel experiences that foster connections with loved ones in remarkable destinations. This highly personalized service offers unique itineraries and exclusive perks to ensure your next adventure is tailored to your exact desires. 

Chauffeurs, Shuttles, and Private Vehicles in Steamboat Springs

A man smiling driving a car

We couldn’t discuss luxury in Steamboat Springs without showcasing the area’s fantastic travel amenities. For visitors who value the flexibility, control, and exclusivity of private travel, Steamboat has a variety of highly personalized options:

  • Private airplanes – Whilst all commercial flights into Steamboat arrive at Yampa Valley Regional Airport (HDN), Steamboat Springs Airport/Bob Adams Field (SBS) is available for private, recreational, business, and emergency flights. Conveniently located 2.5 miles north of downtown Steamboat Springs, SBS is an exceptional destination for private airplanes.
  • Private shuttles – The Astrid’s shuttle service provides residents with safe and stress-free travel to and from downtown Steamboat, and to the base, grocery store, or any other in-town destination. For our guests’ convenience, all shuttle services can be booked via our exclusive app.
  • Chauffeured vehicles – A truly relaxing and flexible choice is to hire a private chauffeur, giving your access to secluded destinations, local hidden gems, and unique experiences, all without once looking at a map. Local services include Ski Town Transportation, and Rocky Mountain Chauffeurs.
  • Personal vehicles – For residents who love the control and familiarity of their own personal car, each one of The Astrid’s residences include a private parking spot so that you’ll never be left racing with your neighbors to get the last available space. The Astrid’s three-plex and four-plex residences feature individual two-car garages, perfect for larger groups. 

Personal Chefs in Steamboat Springs

A two men cooking

What do you do after a long day exploring the mountain, and all you want is a delicious home-cooked meal… but you’re too exhausted to cook it yourself?

Hiring a private chef in Steamboat Springs will elevate your vacation by providing bespoke culinary experiences tailored to your personal preferences and dietary needs. There’s something incredibly indulgent about enjoying a gourmet meal without leaving your vacation home.

Steamboat’s most mouth-wateringly-good private chefs:

  • Wilderbean Provisions offers personalized farm-to-table dining experiences in the comfort of your vacation home in Steamboat Springs. With a focus on seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, their private chef handles everything from grocery shopping to cooking, serving, and cleaning. This ensures a stress-free and delicious culinary adventure for you and your guests.
  • Amuse Bouche offers personalized fine dining experiences for you and your loved ones in Steamboat Springs. Chef Lulu Cox and her team create custom menus tailored to your preferences, using top-quality ingredients for upscale dinner parties, weddings, cocktail events, or casual family dinners.
  • My Personal Steamboat Chef, led by Chef Isaac, offers personalized private dinners and cocktail parties in Steamboat Springs. With a diverse culinary background, Chef Isaac creates custom menus tailored to your preferences, allowing you to spend more time with loved ones while enjoying gourmet dining experiences within your vacation home.
  • Ski Town Gourmet provides personalized private chef services in Steamboat Springs, offering customized four to five-course meals tailored to your exact preferences. With attention to detail and fresh ingredients, Chef Dave ensures a memorable dining experience, leaving your kitchen spotless. 

Nannies and Childcare in Steamboat Springs

A nanny and three children sat at a small table

Steamboat Springs is unquestionably one of the most family-friendly vacation destinations in Colorado. Children can safely explore the mountain, enjoy a variety of indoor play spaces, and join the whole family for a delicious meal at one of Steamboat’s luxurious (yet kid-friendly) restaurants.

There comes a point in every vacation where the adults need a little time for themselves. Whether you want to take on high-adrenaline sports, explore Steamboat’s luxury boutiques, or simply enjoy an uninterrupted meal, Steamboat is home to a variety of excellent childcare options.

  • Visitors can enjoy a relaxing massage at Old Town Hot Springs whilst their child, as young as two months old, enjoys two hours of fun activities in the Childcare Center.
  • Kids Garden is a drop-in arts learning center that provides children as young as one year old with the opportunity to explore a variety of creative play areas.

For the ultimate luxury experience, we recommend hiring a trustworthy nanny for the duration of your vacation. Whether you want an adults-only evening, a full night’s sleep without having to make a bottle, or simply an extra pair of hands as you explore Steamboat Springs, Steamboat Nannies would be delighted to provide you with one of the best nannies in Colorado. Reach out as soon as you have your trip scheduled as they book up fast during peak seasons.


Private Sports Gear Fittings

A snowboarder posing with his snowboard

If your next vacation in Steamboat Springs is dedicated to mountainside adventures such as skiing, snowboarding, or mountain biking, elevate your experience by accessing a private sports gear fitting. A private gear fitting will guarantee optimal comfort, performance, and safety on the slopes, whilst allowing you to fully immerse yourself in outdoor adventure without the hassle of crowded rental shops.

Switchback Sports stock the latest equipment for all kinds of summer and winter activities, offering purchase and rental options. The Astrid’s exclusive partnership with Switchback Sports provides our residents with gear rentals directly on-site, for a truly luxurious and hassle-free experience. We’re proud to be partnering with Switchback Sports for on-site equipment and gear rentals of the highest standard.


A Personal Stylist in Steamboat Springs

A stylist looking through a rail of clothes

A vacation is only classified as truly luxurious if you look and feel your absolute best for the duration of your trip.

Steamboat Springs offers such a great variety of indoor and outdoor experiences, with a full spectrum of seasonal weather conditions, that it can be difficult to know what clothes to pack in your suitcase. A personal stylist can curate bespoke outfits tailored to the your preferences, activities, and the ambiance of your vacation, enhancing your overall experience. Not only will you look incredible, but you’ll also saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on relaxation while maintaining your style standards.

Rachel Dee offers personalized style and image consulting services for locals and vacationers in Steamboat Springs, helping you to feel confident and comfortable in your clothes. From personal style analysis, to event/occasion styling, Rachel will help you uncover your individual style, ensuring you look and feel your best in any situation.


Your Next Luxury Vacation in Steamboat Springs

Gone are the days where a mountainside vacation meant sacrificing the day-to-day luxuries that you’ve grown accustomed to. Steamboat’s array of private services and personnel guarantee that your next visit will be the most stress-free yet.

Here at The Astrid, we’re contributing towards Steamboat’s luxurious evolution by offering an opulent home-away-from-home experience for discerning adventure seekers – the likes of which Steamboat has never seen.

Our impeccably designed residences are built with your ease of living in mind. The Astrid’s exceptional team are committed to ensuring that your family and guests experience an idyllic retreat, with personalized services that meet your high standards.

We’re breaking ground on this pioneering new project in Summer 2024, and we invite you to join us in this exciting journey. To join our community, simply provide us with your name and email address. By doing so, you’ll be invited to join our exclusive mailing list. As part of this list you’ll gain access to insider information, behind-the-scenes content, and a highly personalized email experience reserved only for members of The Astrid community.

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