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Last Minute Snowboarding Vacations in Steamboat Springs

You made it through December – candy canes, boiled ham, and that last minute dash to the mall. You survived January – packing up ornaments, back-to-school preparations, and dark evenings. You deserve some relaxation, and where better to melt away that winter stress than on the slopes of Steamboat Springs ski resort this February? 

Steamboat Springs boasts an average 279″ of snow per year, and one of the longest winter seasons in the country. So, even as the year edges tentatively towards spring, there’s no shortage of snow to shred all month long.

At The Astrid, we’re passionate about helping snow junkies like you make the most of the winter season in Steamboat Springs. That’s why we’re here to share the three top reasons to strap on to your snowboard at Steamboat Springs this February.

1 – Steamboat’s Vibrant Snowboarding Culture

Two cowboys snowboarding

It is natural, in the dark and cold of a new year, to want to do nothing other than wrap-up head-to-toe in your coziest knitwear and wait for the sun to come out again. But at The Astrid, we believe that 2024 is the year to embrace your inner adventurer! 

February isn’t too late to decide your new year’s resolution…

There’s no better way to supercharge your year than by spending a few exhilarating days, flying past mountain vistas, the crisp air biting at your face, alongside your beloved friends and family. Snowboarding in Steamboat Springs gives you an unmatched sense of freedom as you feel the snow rushing beneath your feet and drink in the picturesque scenery that surrounds you in the Rocky Mountains.

Whilst some resorts are exclusively for ‘serious skiers’ and even look down on snowboarders, that’s simply not the case at Steamboat Springs. Here you’ll find the perfect trails and terrain for you and your companions, wherever you’re at on your snowboarding journey.

Popular snowboarding runs include:

  • Lil’ Rodeo: An entry-level snowboarding park packed with fun jumps, rollers, jibs, and half pipes.
  • Rabbit Ears: A favorite among intermediate riders, boasting over 20 assorted jumps, bonks, jibs and rails.
  • Mavericks: For the more experienced snowboarder, Steamboat’s largest terrain park offers jumps ranging from 50 to 70 feet tall!

After a long day shredding the slopes, Steamboat offers a vast array of après-ski locations where you can refuel with a refreshing drink and a hot meal.

2 – Snow So Good it Earned Itself a Trademark

Mount Werner covered in snow

For the budding snowboarder, or the veteran of the slopes, there’s one simple thing that can turn ‘just another run’ into a thrill you’ll cherish forever: the snow!

Steamboat springs is home to breathtaking scenery, exquisite fine dining, and rich Western history. But, the crowning jewel of the area is the slopes brimming with legendary pow’…

Decades ago, Kremmling rancher, Joe McElroy, exclaimed to his snowsports buddies “This is like champagne powder!”. And he wasn’t wrong. The snowfall here in Steamboat is so light and dry that you can’t even squish it into snowballs!

So, there’s only one thing for it: the ride of your life.

Nowhere else in the world offers anything quite like it. The resort’s Champagne Powder® Snow takes your snowboarding experience to the next level, making Steamboat Springs a popular destination for Olympians to hone their skills.

Around the country, February is the time to celebrate Valentine’s Day and enjoy the Super Bowl. But here in Steamboat Springs, snowboarders and skiers alike will be raising a toast to Champagne Powder®.

3 – Couldn’t Be Easier With The Astrid

A snowboarder stands proudly next to a line of snowboards

Here at The Astrid, we’re ushering in a new era of slopeside vacations to Steamboat Springs.

Our luxurious ski-in, ski-out vacation home community is designed to make your next snowboarding adventure 100% hassle-free:

  • A permanent vacation home for you enjoy the moment the snow hits the ground
  • On-site equipment fitting and hire with Switchback Sports.
  • Slopeside access right on your doorstep
  • Private snowsports equipment storage
  • Dedicated concierge
  • Exclusive rooftop dining

At the center of everything we do here at The Astrid, is you. Our team endeavors to go above and beyond to ensure our residents can experience Steamboat’s slopes to the fullest.

We’re determined to contribute towards Steamboat’s ski town culture, where beauty, elegance, and authentic Western hospitality meld together to create the ultimate luxury escape. We’re committed to preserving the timeless allure of the Rocky Mountains while introducing high-end architectural design, amenities, and services to the Steamboat Springs experience.

That’s right, we’re leading the way for luxury vacations in Steamboat Springs, as The Astrid makes it possible for snowboarding enthusiasts like you to make most of the snow at the drop of a wooly hat. Our pioneering new email experience allows members of The Astrid community to have access to our exclusive weather report, ideal for planning last minute snowboarding excursions.

To join our community of snow shredders, simply provide us with your name and email address. By doing so, you’ll be invited to join our exclusive mailing list. As part of this list you’ll gain access to insider information, behind-the-scenes content, and a highly personalized email experience reserved only for members of The Astrid community.

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