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A College Connected to the Steamboat Community

Heading to a college campus might not be the first thing you think of when planning your next vacation’s itinerary, but Steamboat’s local academic hub might just change your might…

Colorado Mountain College (CMC) is an important part of the Steamboat community. On top of its academic achievements and bustling student community, the college offers Steamboat locals and visitors exciting opportunities to experience this mountain town from a new vantage point.

The campus boasts a packed calendar of year-round events, especially during the busy summer season when visitors flock to enjoy Steamboat’s sunny slopes. Everything from one-off classes, to community get-togethers, and family-friendly events, entice visitors onto the campus for a unique day out.

Here at The Astrid, we’re passionate about helping vacationers like you feel immersed in Steamboat’s friendly local community. Why? Because the Steamboat experience is so much more than tourist attractions. This is a real town full of real people. That’s the charm of spending a vacation in Steamboat – you’re never a stranger here!

By taking part in one of CMC’s summer events, you’re guaranteed a vacation experience that goes beyond the conventional. You’ll feel a sense of belonging with the local people, enchanted by Steamboat’s culture, and tied to this mountain town in a way you never knew possible… In fact, you’ll feel so connected to the community that you’ll be compelled to return next season!


What is Colorado Mountain College?

A group of 5 people at the CMC Steamboat Springs campus

Colorado Mountain College is a vibrant academic institution made up of 11 campuses across the state. The Steamboat Springs campus epitomizes the college’s commitment to personalized education from within a picturesque mountain setting.

With a remarkable 13:1 student-to-teacher ratio, it offers an intimate learning environment akin to a private college, yet at an affordable cost. Designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution, CMC attracts diverse talent and is eligible for additional grant funding. As Colorado’s first dual mission college, it blends liberal arts with career-focused training, preparing students for success. 

The college itself takes pride in creating strong bonds with the local population, ensuring that the college not only benefits their students, but also the people who call Steamboat home. The Steamboat community is extremely proud to be home to such a remarkable hub for academic excellence.


Community Education Classes at Colorado Mountain College

Group yoga class

There’s no doubt about it, Steamboat Springs is home to a variety of bucket-list experiences and outdoor adventures, guaranteed to make your next vacation the most unforgettable one yet. However, to elevate your summer 2024 trip to exciting new peaks, we recommend taking a community education class at CMC.

By taking a community education class at CMC, you’ll be invited to experience something completely new for the first time, alongside an expert instructor. Everything from martial arts to creative writing classes are covered, giving you a broad selection of experiences to choose from. Most classes are tailored to beginners, with a select few more appropriate for advanced levels.

CMC Steamboat Campus Classes, Summer 2024:

  • Advanced Tai Chi Chaun with L.L. Stroman
  • All-Levels Yoga with Jenny
  • Beginning Bridge Series
  • Bridge for the Fun of It
  • Erin’s Express Pilates
  • Performance Poetry and Prose Writing
  • Tae Kwon Do with Steamboat Martial Arts
  • Thursday Dance to the Core
  • Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
  • Tuesday Dance to the Core
  • Yoga for Health and Wellness with Liz
  • Zumba With Tracy


Sky Club at Colorado Mountain College

Two men at the observatory

The CMC Sky Club in Steamboat Springs invites everyone, from students to vacationers, to explore the wonders of the stars through their engaging astronomy events. Led by passionate students and faculty, the club offers opportunities to delve into both the theory and practice of astronomy. 

The CMC Ball Observatory boasts state-of-the-art equipment, including telescopes and cameras, allowing for mesmerizing celestial observations. Whether attending star parties at scenic locations like Steamboat Lake State Park or participating in research projects, visitors can deepen their understanding of the universe while enjoying the stunning Colorado night sky. 

With events scheduled throughout the summer, joining the Sky Club promises an enriching and unforgettable experience, perfect for enhancing any vacation in Steamboat Springs.


Bear Park Permaculture Center at Colorado Mountain College

A man gardening at the Bear Park Permaculture Center

Within CMC’s Steamboat Springs campus, is a remarkable hub for sustainable thinking, design, and practice. The Bear Park Permaculture Center offers visitors a captivating insight into Steamboat’s sustainability and permaculture efforts. 

Since 2013, this evolving oasis has beckoned visitors to explore its outdoor gardens and iconic 42-foot Growing Spaces dome, symbolizing a commitment to hands-on education. Envisioned by a dedicated Sustainability Studies student and brought to life by faculty and staff, Bear Park encourages students from diverse fields like Art, Biology, and Engineering to come together to share their expertise.

It’s a hub of experiential learning, where community members, youth, and a variety of organizations converge to cultivate knowledge and stewardship. From personalized tours to self-guided exploration, Bear Park invites eco-conscious vacationers to delve into the project’s sustainable practices. 

This remarkable space is a must-see for vacationers who are interested in Steamboat’s ongoing sustainable technology efforts, which contribute towards the flourishing of this mountain town. Whether admiring the dome’s climate management, or lending a hand through volunteering, every visitor becomes part of Bear Park’s legacy of ecological harmony and education.


Your Next Unforgettable Vacation in Steamboat Springs

When planning your next summer vacation in Steamboat Springs, don’t forget to put a trip to Colorado Mountain College on your itinerary. From immersive community education classes to awe-inspiring astronomy and sustainability events, CMC invites you to delve deeper into the heart of Steamboat Springs.

Here at The Astrid, we’re passionate about helping you to enjoy the authentic Steamboat experience. We don’t know anywhere else in the world where you can experience the majesty of nature, opulent luxurious experiences, and friendly Western hospitality. Connecting with the local community is an essential part of this experience. That’s why summer events at CMC are a must-do item for the ultimate, authentic, Steamboat vacation.

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