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Volunteering While on Vacation in Steamboat Springs

Mountains, cowboys, and friendly people wherever you go – that’s right, you’re in Steamboat Springs! In this charming ranching town, vacations go beyond the ordinary. Visitors to the ‘Boat are more than tourists. From the moment you arrive, you’re invited into the heart of this vibrant community

Alongside its reputation as a bustling vacation destination, Steamboat Springs is a living, breathing town pulsating with genuine warmth and authenticity. The friendly community is one of the things that keep visitors returning year after year, season after season.

Renowned for its Western hospitality, the culture here is all about making you feel like part of the family. From cozy eateries serving up hearty meals, to boundless outdoor adventures, Steamboat embodies the spirit of welcome.

But what truly sets Steamboat apart from other destinations in Colorado, is its culture of community volunteering. Here, lending a hand isn’t just an act of kindness – it’s a way of life. If you’re seeking to delve deeper into the fabric of this town, where adventure, luxury, and hospitality converge, consider spending some of your vacation time giving back.

By contributing your time and skills towards the Steamboat community, you not only enrich the lives of others, but also become woven into the tapestry of Steamboat’s community spirit. Here at The Astrid, we’re determined to help you build a long-lasting legacy in Steamboat Springs. What better way to start than by volunteering your time in the local community? So, join us as we explore the many volunteering opportunities available to you on your next vacation. 


Steamboat STARS

Skiers zooming down Mount Werner

Steamboat STARS is one of The Astrid’s incredible community partners. This remarkable non-profit organization offers year-round adaptive sports programs that promote independence, self-esteem, and a healthy lifestyle for children, youth, and adults with cognitive and/or physical disabilities, injured Veterans, and their families. Programs include adaptive horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, fly fishing, rafting, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, swimming, disc golf, and more!

The staff and volunteers are passionate about sharing the activities they love with people who thought they would not have the chance to experience them. The STARS team might just be the most devoted and enthusiastic group of people you’ll ever meet! They dedicate their lives to making life-changing adventures happen for all of their participants.

Steamboat STARS have endless opportunities for supporters to get involved. Whether it’s through donations, attending fundraising events, or volunteering, partnering with this remarkable organization is an amazing way to give back to the Steamboat Springs community.

Volunteers can give their time and skills towards teaching adaptive ski, snowboard, snow bike lessons during the winter, and assist with summer camps and therapeutic horseback riding during the summer. If you’re experienced in these sports, we encourage you to get in touch with Steamboat STARS.


Yampa River Botanic Park

A man gardening

The Yampa River Botanic Park is a beloved destination in Steamboat Springs, attracting over 35,000 visitors annually with its free admission and stunning gardens. It serves as a hub for ecological education, showcasing plants that thrive in the region’s challenging environment and promoting water-wise landscaping practices. 

The park provides a venue for various community activities, including educational programs, events, weddings, and artistic endeavors like painting and photography. It also supports therapeutic horticulture programs. Through global partnerships, such as with the Denver Botanic Gardens, the park participates in plant trials and contributes to botanical research and conservation efforts.

Volunteer opportunities at Yampa River Botanic Park include gardening tasks, event assistance, event planning, garden greeters, and guided tour guides. Volunteers help sustain the gardens, support events like Passport Through the Gardens and Music on the Green, and provide information and tours for visitors.


Steamboat Tennis Association

Feet in orange sneakers with a tennis racket and tennis ball

The Steamboat Tennis Association (STA) is dedicated to making tennis accessible to all youth in the Yampa Valley, serving as a beacon of opportunity and character development. 

STA often works out of Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball Center – another one of our amazing community partners! The center provides year-round opportunities for visitors to enjoy tennis and pickleball games in their outdoor and indoor courts. They’re well-known in the area for their exceptional amenities, fantastic recreational and training programs, and strong relationships with the community.

STA’s initiatives include providing college scholarships and individual grants to financially support youth involvement in tennis. STA also backs the Steamboat Springs High School Tennis Teams and runs adaptive tennis programs, including wheelchair clinics and neuro-diverse youth clinics.

If that wasn’t enough, STA spearheads SERVES – a program teaching tennis skills and life skills to under-resourced children, offering academic support and pathways to high school tennis. They further promote tennis through free camps and in-school programs, aiming to instill character both on and off the court. Through these efforts, STA utilizes tennis as a vehicle for youth development and community enrichment.

There’s always room for more volunteers with STA. If you’re a tennis-lover, then this is the volunteering opportunity for you.



A woman observing plants

Yampatika, founded in 1992, is committed to fostering environmental stewardship through education in Northwest Colorado. Their work is integral towards the flourishing of Steamboat Springs, and contributes towards this town’s history and culture of sustainability.

Their multifaceted approach serves individuals of all ages, from pre-K to adults across Routt, Moffat, and Jackson Counties. The organization operates the Yampa Valley’s inaugural Environmental Learning Center at Legacy Ranch, offering diverse programs such as summer camps, school field trips, and service learning opportunities. 

Yampatika prioritizes inclusivity, providing winter camp programs for at-risk youth and engaging adults through self-guided tours and guided snowshoeing. The center showcases sustainable practices like solar energy, organic gardening, and energy efficiency, earning recognition for environmental leadership. 

Yampatika is at the forefront of promoting environmental literacy statewide and nationally, partnering with organizations like the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education. With annual outreach to nearly 15,000 individuals, Yampatika instills a sense of environmental responsibility through safe and educational outdoor experiences, supported by community contributions and volunteerism.

Volunteers are needed specifically to support their winter and summer programs. Volunteers act as program “Hosts” and support the expert Naturalists in leading the adult and family education programs. If you feel passionate about preserving this ecologically diverse town, then get in touch with Yampatika.


Tread of Pioneers Museum

The tread of pioneers museum

This remarkable museum is a piece of living history. As you walk through the door of this enchanting 1901 house, that was once home to the Zimmerman family, you’ll encounter decades of history right at your fingertips. The Museum’s exhibits walk visitors through the lives of the area’s indigenous people and their art, the earliest days of the town when settlers put down their roots, to Steamboat’s evolution into the thriving snow sports community we all love to visit today.

The Museum depends on a team of over 40 volunteers to help with the variety of events and activities that they host throughout the year. Volunteers staff the museum’s front desk, serve on the Board of Directors and committees, conduct research, lead school group tours, and so much more!

If you’re passionate about preserving Steamboat’s vibrant history, the Tread of Pioneers museum is the perfect volunteering opportunity for you.


Steamboat Art Museum

Steamboat Art Museum interior gallery

The Steamboat Art Museum was established in 2005 with the aim of presenting fine art reflecting the culture and heritage of Northwest Colorado. Housed in the historic Rehder Building since 2006, the Museum underwent significant renovations from 2009 to 2017, transforming it into a world-class art exhibition space, studio, and library. 

Serving the communities of Steamboat and greater Routt County, Steamboat Art Museum showcases two major exhibits featuring top-tier artists, along with an autumn Plein Air Event and Exhibit. The Museum’s educational outreach targets various groups, including regional schools and at-risk youth, offering workshops, lectures, and tours taught by regional artists. 

The Museum Store supports over 25 local artists, while volunteers assist with tours, fundraisers, and gallery operations. Steamboat Art Museum remains committed to offering free admission and promoting visual arts in Northwest Colorado through quality cultural experiences and community collaboration.

Volunteer opportunities include a ‘docent’ role, who are trained to lead tours of the exhibits and building. Volunteers are also needed for facility maintenance, cleaning, painting, light construction, and working in the museum store.


A Vacation With a Difference in Steamboat Springs

Vacations in Steamboat Springs are so much more than a fun trip to the mountains. Visiting Steamboat is like visiting your long-lost family who can’t wait to welcome you into the fold. Adventure, luxury, and the opportunity to create a lasting positive impact, are what sets this vacation destination apart from anywhere else in Colorado.

We believe that you and your family have an important role in contributing towards the ongoing flourishing of this historic, ecologically-diverse, and hospitable town. Without visitors and volunteers like you, Steamboat simply wouldn’t be the beacon of welcome that we all know and love it for.

Here at The Astrid, we exist to help you create a long-lasting legacy in Steamboat Springs. Whether you’re passionate about conservation, or determined to impact the lives of Steamboat’s youth, volunteering opportunities are always readily available.

A remarkable vacation residence at The Astrid is the perfect opportunity for you to set up permanent roots in Steamboat Springs, and begin crafting your family’s legacy.

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