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Family Water Sports in Steamboat Springs

Put on your swimsuit, friend! It’s time to drive into the thrilling world of watersports in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. As the snow-capped mountains yield to the warmth of spring and summer, this picturesque destination transforms into an oasis of water-based adventures.

For families craving a dose of excitement, Steamboat Springs is an exhilarating vacation destination. Springtime brings with it endless opportunities to explore the mountain with your loved ones, followed by warm summers spent voyaging down rivers and lakes. With its charming blend of scenic beauty and pulse-pounding activities, every moment here is infused with the spirit of adventure. 

Whether you’re embarking on a white water rafting expedition down the lively Yampa River, or seeking serenity on the tranquil waters of Steamboat Lake, the water sports opportunities are as vast as the Colorado sky.

From paddle boarding adventures, to leisurely fly fishing excursions, there’s something for every member of the family to enjoy under Steamboat’s warm sun and clear blue skies. So, pack your wetsuits, gather your loved ones, and get ready for an unforgettable vacation in this water sports paradise.


Tubing in Steamboat Springs

A woman floating in a tube on a river

You and your loved ones are guaranteed to enjoy the thrill of tubing the Yampa River. 

This quintessential summer activity in Steamboat Springs enables you to drift leisurely downstream on inner tubes, soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of downtown while splashing in the refreshing waters. Navigate small rapids and rock features for an exhilarating ride, perfect for families and solo adventurers alike. 

Tubing season runs from June to August, contingent upon water levels. Safety is extremely important, so be sure to wear a life jacket, suitable footwear, and adhere to local tubing rules.

For a seamless experience, visit Bucking Rainbow’s shack for tube hire and a shuttle from the river back to the tube shack.


Fishing in Steamboat Springs

A man fly fishing

Steamboat Springs boasts top-tier fly fishing, drawing anglers year-round to its pristine waters. 

The Yampa River, threading through downtown, offers prime spots for rainbow and brown trout. Steamboat Lake is another hotspot, teeming with walleye and bass. 

Solo-fishing is a wonder in and of itself, but traveling with an expert guide has the power to elevate your angling experience beyond your wildest imagination. Create unforgettable memories by booking a guided expedition with Steamboat Fishing Adventures. This group of expert guides provide year-round fishing opportunities unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

These are our favorite picks for spring and summer:

  • Sunset Boat Cruise: You and up to 9 of your friends will enjoy a peaceful sunset cruise on Steamboat Fishing Adventure’s luxury trippletoon. The team will even cook your catch on site, simply ask for more details upon booking.
  • Exclusive Guided Night Fishing: The Steamboat Fishing Adventures team claim that this trip will be the highlight of your vacation, guaranteeing large numbers of fish and remarkable opportunities to observe wildlife.


Paddle Boarding and Kayaking in Steamboat Springs

A father and child on a paddle board

Steamboat Lake Marina offers premier paddle boarding experiences amidst the stunning scenery of Steamboat Lake State Park. 

With a fleet of HALA stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) in various sizes, catering to all skill levels, you and your family can enjoy serene mornings, or adventurous afternoons, on the water. If you’d like the reassurance of a seat, opt to rent one of the marina’s single or double kayaks for a leisurely glide across the water.

Whether seeking tranquility or a thrilling workout, paddle boarding at Steamboat Lake promises to be a bucket-list-worthy experience. Book your paddle board or kayak rental in advance to secure your spot, and immerse yourself in the natural splendor of Colorado’s most beautiful lake.


Swimming in Steamboat Springs

Old town hot springs outdoor pools

Old Town Hot Springs is one of the most famous places in town for a reason. This remarkable non-profit center is a hub for the community in Steamboat Springs. Featuring warm natural springs, pools, gym facilities, childcare, and therapeutic massages, Old Town Hot Springs is a favorite amongst sports enthusiasts, families with kids, and people who require accessible fitness facilities.

Kids and adults alike can enjoy the toasty-warm hot springs and exhilarating 230-foot-long waterslides, all out in the open air. If you’d like to challenge yourself, book a group or private swim lesson with one of the facility’s experienced instructors.


Wake Surfing in Steamboat Springs

A man wake surfing through splashing water

Your next family vacation in Steamboat Springs is the perfect opportunity to try something new. Wake surfing is one of the most exhilarating water sports in the USA, which will give you and your loved ones gloating-rights for years to come.

Steamboat Springs is home to WAKE, a company dedicated to sharing the excitement of wake surfing with everyone. Located in Oak Creek, session rates include top-quality boards by Hyperlite and Ronix. Sessions start at two hours, with additional time available if you can’t get enough of those waves! 


White Water Rafting in Steamboat Springs

A group on a large orange raft splashing through water

Experience the thrill of white water rafting with Colorado River Guides, a boutique adventure service with over 35 years of rafting expertise in Steamboat Springs and Vail. 

Offering beginner and intermediate trips on the Colorado and Eagle Rivers, their personalized approach ensures an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones. Choose from half day, full day, or private trips, tailored to your exact preferences. 

With small group sizes and personalized service, you’ll feel connected and supported throughout your adventure. Trips are hassle-free and end right back at your vehicle, allowing you to seamlessly continue onto your next adventure.


Plan Your Next Water Sports Vacation

For a land-locked state, there sure are a lot of opportunities for visitors to enjoy remarkable water-based adventures in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. From tranquil hours spent fly fishing on the Yampa River, to testing your balancing skills as you acquaint yourself with a paddle board on Steamboat Lake, there’s nothing better than spending a warm day exploring Steamboat’s waters.

Here at The Astrid, we’re passionate about providing your family with unique, personalized adventures for your next vacation. Whether it’s water sports, historical tours, or something else entirely, we’re here to make your next trip to Steamboat completely unforgettable. Our luxury residences are perfectly set up for hassle-free family adventures, thanks to our prime location at the bottom of Mount Werner. 

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