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Souvenirs, Keepsakes, and Mementos in Steamboat Springs

A family vacation in Steamboat Springs is defined by enjoying endless adventures in nature, unique luxury experiences, and exquisite fine dining. After checking several items off of your family’s bucket-list, you’ll want to take home a precious memento from your time here… Something equal in significance and beauty to your experience in this charming mountain town.

Garish keyrings, novelty sweatshirts, and refrigerator magnets won’t cut it. You and your loved ones are looking for something one-of-a-kind to mark the unforgettable vacation you had in Steamboat Springs. But where can you find such a unique souvenir?

Here at The Astrid, we’re passionate about ensuring your family’s next trip to Steamboat Springs is truly unforgettable. That’s why we’ve curated this list of the very best bespoke, one-of-a-kind, and luxurious souvenirs available in the ‘Boat. From custom-made Western wear, to ancient fossils dug from Colorado’s soil, you’re bound to find a treasure that’s perfect for your family to keep for generations to come.


Bespoke Heirloom Jewelry at The Silver Spur

Silver jewelry with colorful stones

The Silver Spur, located in Steamboat Springs for over thirty years, specializes in custom jewelry design with unique pieces crafted from sterling silver, white gold, and yellow gold. 

Founded by Sarah Buckles, a Fine Arts graduate from the University of Colorado, her exquisite work reflects her rich western heritage. The Silver Spur is renowned for its Elk Tooth jewelry, sourced from local elk, and Sarah’s signature western-inspired designs.

Investing in a bespoke piece from The Silver Spur is a fantastic souvenir choice for families visiting Steamboat Springs. Each custom piece serves as a lasting, heirloom-quality memento, capturing the essence of your unforgettable vacation in this charming mountain town.


Historical Souvenirs at The Jewelry & Fossil Shop of Steamboat Springs

A display of crystals at The Jewelry & Fossil Shop of Steamboat Springs

The Jewelry & Fossil Shop of Steamboat Springs offers a unique selection of museum-quality fossils, minerals, and crystals, making it an ideal destination for families seeking memorable keepsakes and souvenirs. 

This locally owned shop features diverse jewelry, including Native American, fine gemstone, sterling silver, gold, and contemporary designer pieces. Families can find Steamboat-themed charms, snowflake jewelry, and mini fossils and minerals for kids.

This is your family’s shop’s one-of-a-kind items connecting you to nature and history, providing a lasting memento of your time in Steamboat Springs.


On-Mountain Family Photos with Fresh Prints

A family surrounded by snowy mountains

Fresh Prints are the perfect photographers for families looking for a unique and lasting souvenir from their vacation. 

Professional photographers will capture high-resolution images of your loved ones at the top of the gondola, and a variety of other beautiful mountain locations. With no sitting fee or obligation to purchase, families can view electronic proofs daily at Gondola Square or online at

Fresh Prints offers action shots, group photos, and private sessions, ensuring a personalized and memorable photography experience. Whether skiing, hiking, or simply admiring the scenery, Fresh Prints creates stunning visual memories that your family will cherish forever.


Custom Cowboy Boots at House of CuCu

House of CuCu sign that says 'custom boots'

If your family is particularly enchanted with Steamboat’s remarkable cowboy history, look no further than House of Cucu for the perfect souvenir.

Help your loved ones deeply connect with the area’s rich Western heritage through custom-made cowboy boots. Crafted by Margot Binetti using a two-hundred-year-old process, these handcrafted boots are both functional and fashionable. Each pair begins with a personalized fitting, ensuring a unique design tailored to the wearer’s needs. With an extensive selection of hide and color combinations, the possibilities are endless. 

These wearable works of art capture the spirit of Steamboat Springs and provide a lasting, meaningful memento of your family’s visit.


Make Your Own Candle at Matchbox Candle Co

Two candles in jars

Candle workshops at Match Box Candle Co offer your family the opportunity to create a truly one-f-a-kind souvenir. 

Led by professional candle makers, these hands-on workshops let participants craft custom candles using a variety of scents. The experience is perfect for families of all ages, allowing you to create two 9-ounce amber glass candles or one large 16-ounce leather-wrapped jar candle. Lasting about an hour, these sessions provide a memorable and creative activity, resulting in a personalized memento of your trip.


Bespoke Cowboy Hats at Steamboat Hatter

A woman making a hat, surrounded by colorful leather

Visiting Steamboat Hatter for custom hats is a fantastic way for your family to remember their time in Steamboat Springs, while also connecting with the town’s rich western heritage. 

Founded by Kay and Sam Daniels, Steamboat Hatter specializes in creating one-of-a-kind, handmade hats with a unique and funky style. Located in a workshop in Steamboat Springs, this business embodies the town’s artistic and ranching traditions. Crafting a custom hat provides a tangible, stylish souvenir that captures the essence of this vibrant, historic community.


Make Your Own Art with Steamboat Creates

Two women painting

Steamboat Creates offers a wealth of creative classes for all skill levels, providing wonderful opportunities for families to bond and create unique souvenirs from their vacation in Steamboat Springs.

Steamboat Creates aims to enhance community life and economic vitality by fostering a thriving, world-class creative environment. From pottery nights, to copper etching, and wheel-throwing workshops, each class is a chance to learn and make something special. Engaging in these artistic activities as a family not only nurtures creativity but also leaves you with personalized, handcrafted mementos of your time spent together.


Seeking Out Luxury in Steamboat Springs

With your remarkable new memento in tow, your family is bound to be asking the question ‘when can go back to Steamboat Springs?’ There’s something enchanting about this town that draws visitors back every season. One vacation to Steamboat’s slopes won’t be enough for your family!

Here at The Astrid, we’re making it possible for families like yours to make repeat vacations to Steamboat Springs a luxurious and hassle-free experience. Our impeccably designed residences are built with your ease of living in mind. The Astrid’s exceptional team are committed to ensuring that your family experience an idyllic retreat, with personalized services that meet your high standards.

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