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Sit Back and Relax in Steamboat Springs

Fresh air. Cool river waters. Blue skies framed with towering mountains. Nothing but tranquility in every direction. This is the kind of outdoor relaxation that awaits you in the charming town known as Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Whilst the area is known for its world renowned snowsports scene and vibrant ranching community, adrenaline-fuelled fun isn’t where this town’s accolades end. Steamboat is home to endless outdoor experiences, from opulent luxury retreats to family-friendly adventures.

In fact, there are so many activities for you to enjoy here in Steamboat that we’ve curated a list of the very best mountainside experiences that you can enjoy sitting down! That’s right, these relaxing activities won’t even require you to leave your seat. So whether you’re traveling solo, or with a large group of loved ones, you are guaranteed a moment of tranquility on your next vacation to Steamboat Springs.


A Peaceful Float on the Yampa River

A woman gently drifting along a river sat on a round rubber tube

If you’re looking for a relaxing activity where all your worries can simply drift away, then tubing down the Yampa River is the perfect activity for you.

As the river lazily winds through Steamboat, you can rest gently on a donut-shaped inner tube that will carry your body smoothly along the water. With each gentle ripple along the water’s surface, you will be peacefully rocked from within the comfort of your tube. You’ll feel so tranquil as you take in the luscious surroundings to the backing track of rushing water.

Just down 13th street bridge is a secluded swimming area named the Yampa River’s D-Hole, which is a particularly wonderful spot for slow-paced tubing. This quiet section of the river is well worth the extra time it will take you to get there.


Soothing Yoga Sessions

Two people sat on the floor doing yoga

What better way to nurture your mind, body, and soul, than with guided yoga classes surrounded by mountain views? As your breath aligns with nature’s rhythm, your body will stretch like mountain peaks, your mind will expand with the horizon, and you’ll experience tranquility with every pose.

Out Here Yoga provides participants with a variety of classes to challenge and stretch their skills, whilst enjoying breathtaking views of the Steamboat mountains. The studio’s floor-to-ceiling, accordion window wall and outdoor deck provide participants with a close up experience of Mount Werner.


A Luxurious Massage

A woman having a back massage

As one of the most iconic luxury outdoor experiences in Colorado, the enchanting natural hot springs at Strawberry Hot Springs epitomize relaxation. Elevate your visit with a private massage so that you can feel the full physical benefits of spending time at a hot spring.

The highly trained, licensed massage therapists will tailor your experience to your exact needs. For a truly unique massage that alleviates pain and discomfort, book a watsu aquatic therapy appointment in the dedicated watsu pool.

In order to help you relax and keep the pool setting as natural as possible, there is absolutely nowhere to charge your phone – quite a groundbreaking decision in this day and age!


Serene Picnics in Every Season

A hand wearing a wool glove reaching for picnic food

There’s always time for a picnic in Steamboat Springs, whether the sun is shining or the slopes are covered in thick snow. It’s just a matter of choosing the right clothing!

For a secluded picnic spot away from the hustle and bustle of the base area, take the South Peak ski lift to the top. Then make your way across the South Peak flats to the Broadway trail. This winding green run is surrounded by stunning evergreen trees, perfect for gently practicing your slalom skills in the winter. At the first sharp turn of the run, take a rest stop on the left. There you’ll find a picnic table backdropped by a remarkable view of the valley.

This charming picnic table is the ideal place to absorb the natural beauty of the mountain. It’s also a great spot to observe wildlife, and enjoy some tasty treats you prepared earlier in the day.


Scenic Summer Sledding Experience

Rolling green hills and mountains in Steamboat

During the summer months, it’s natural to miss the excitement of gliding down a snowy mountainside on skis. The breathtaking views of the mountain and town below simply can’t be experienced the same way without skimming the slopes. However, in Steamboat Springs there’s always a new and unexpected way to enjoy the mountain.

Take a ride the chairlift to the top of Howelsen Hill before making your way to The Howler. This alpine slide is a one-of-a-kind slopeside experience. Enjoy the thrill of descending down a mountain whilst admiring Steamboat’s unparalleled views. 

You’ll have full control of the speed of your ride, giving you the utmost peace as you sit back, relax, and take in the sight of the surrounding mountains covered in rich greenery.


Tranquility on a Sleigh Ride Trail

A red sleigh in the snow, drawn by two large horses

The most peaceful way to enjoy Steamboat’s snow-covered valleys is from the comfort of a cozy horse-drawn sleigh. 

In the winter season, Haymaker Golf Course transforms into a world of icy enchantment. Your evening will begin in the charming Haymaker clubhouse before you get comfortable in an enchanting red sleigh pulled by two stunning draft horses. Every gentle thrum of the horses’ steps deepens your calm. Experience unique peace while gliding through a twinkling winter wonderland.

At the end of your ride, you’ll be invited to enjoy a delicious four-course dinner and revel in the breathtaking sunset as it reveals the majestic Steamboat evening sky. What a way to end such a magical day…


Relaxing Outdoor Adventures All Year Long

Vacationers like you are seeking a unique blend of adventure and relaxation. Steamboat Springs is a true bucket-list destination, thanks to its array of outdoor sports, endless opportunities for luxury, and intimate dining experiences. In fact, you never even have to leave your seat to experience the fullness of Steamboat’s wonders!

Here at The Astrid, we’re redefining adventure by setting a new standard for luxury vacation accommodation in Steamboat Springs. We aim to offer solo travelers, couples, and families an idyllic retreat. Here, guests enjoy exceptional service. Additionally, they explore Steamboat’s abundant opportunities.

Our dedicated concierge service and carefully designed amenities will guarantee your next vacation to Steamboat Springs is a hassle-free, convenient, and luxurious experience.

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