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Are Vacation Homes More Hassle Than They’re Worth?

A vacation home surrounded by majestic mountains sounds like the ultimate luxury. Endless summer days spent soaking up the sun, cozy winter nights making memories with your family, and the sound of that leaky faucet drip, drip, dripping.

You add ‘fix faucet’ to your never ending to-do list and wonder if you’ll actually get some vacation time out here. In between trips to Home Depot, calling plumbers, and screwing in lightbulbs, there’s barely been a moment for you to explore the nearby slopes.

The relentless upkeep of owning a vacation home is enough to make you dread your next vacation…

Here at The Astrid, we’re doing things differently. We believe that your vacation home should feel like a vacation.

“Part of why the Sherman family is doing this, and me and my wife personally, is because we got tired of running a ‘boutique hotel’! And so, what we want […] is we want you to come there and enjoy it, not come there and have a project to do.”
– Myles Sherman, managing partner and lead developer at The Astrid.

Gone are the days where a mountainside vacation meant sacrificing the day-to-day luxuries that you’ve grown accustomed to, as our impeccably maintained vacation homes are built with your ease of living in mind. The Astrid’s exceptional team are committed to ensuring that your family and guests experience an idyllic retreat, with personalized service that meets your high standards.

To help you feel confident in your choice to invest in a maintained vacation home in Steamboat Springs, here’s our rundown of the exclusive services you can expect at The Astrid (guaranteeing you’ll never have to fix a dripping faucet ever again!)


A Vacation Home With a Concierge Service

A concierge assisting a couple

Every resident at The Astrid has personal access to The Astrid’s concierge, to ensure that your vacation goes off without a hitch. Our concierge offers a plethora of services to enhance your stay, from assisting you with travel plans, to adding extra-special personal touches to make your vacation memorable.

Making your way downtown to enjoy one of Steamboat’s luxurious restaurants, or explore the variety of boutique shops, couldn’t be simpler with our convenient mobile app. As quick as a flash, our concierge will arrange a private car to take your family from The Astrid to a variety of locations within Steamboat Springs.

Our concierge service makes adventures on the mountain a truly hassle-free experience. Gone are the days of hauling bulky skiing equipment from your accommodation to the bottom of the mountain, thanks to our specially designed sports locker room. Stock up on snacks, get kitted out in your favorite gear, and head to the exit where, just like magic, your sports equipment will already be waiting for you.

That’s right – our dedicated concierge team will prepare your family’s equipment for you in advance and place it right outside, ready for your next adventure.

“With the ski valet service we’ll have an app where you’ll be able to text and say ‘put my skis on the slope, my husband and I will be down there, or kids, at 9:30’ and you know, it’s going to be seamless!”
– Myles Sherman, managing partner and lead developer at The Astrid.


Vacation Home Maintenance and Housekeeping

A man changing a lightbulb

Your relaxation should never be interrupted by the maintenance associated with owning a vacation home. Our approach to caring for each residence is inspired by Steamboat Springs’ tradition of extravagant Western hospitality.

“My wife and I have owned many second homes, and… it’s a job. And I’m trying to take the ‘job’ aspect out of it. […] I want to come here and have fun, and not change lightbulbs, fix leaky faucets. I mean, with home ownership, there’s always something that needs to be done.”
– Myles Sherman, managing partner and lead developer at The Astrid.

The Astrid provides comprehensive housekeeping, maintenance, and logistics for each resident, guaranteeing that your vacation will be filled with more adventures, and less changing bedsheets. It’s all the convenience and service of a luxury hotel, without sacrificing privacy and the personal touches that make a vacation home so special.

“The Bodhi technology [in your residence at The Astrid] is going to tell our property managers when you’ve got a leak.”

– Myles Sherman, managing partner and lead developer at The Astrid.

That’s right – a phone call to the concierge won’t even be necessary! The Astrid team will already be aware of the maintenance needs of your residence, allowing you to truly relax and enjoy the slopeside lifestyle.

“If you want us to come once a day and clean your sheets every single day, or clean your condo every day, or whatever you want to do, we’ll do it.”
– Myles Sherman, managing partner and lead developer at The Astrid.


Renting Out Your Vacation Home

A man packing his suitcase

The Astrid is a designated location for short-term rentals, offering an exciting opportunity for you to explore rental opportunities. If your residence is vacant at points throughout the year, you may like to consider opening it up to other vacationers making their way to Steamboat Springs.

The beauty of having a fully maintained vacation home is that The Astrid’s team can handle all the work associated with rentals on your behalf. The reliable teams at Fuse Family Ventures and Elevated Properties will ensure that leasing your residence is a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Thanks to the advanced key-fob technology available in each residence, you’ll have access to the exact timestamps of when your guests enter and exit your residence. You won’t have to be situated nearby to handle maintenance and cleaning, and when you return to your vacation home it will be as pristine as the day you left it.

“We’re trying to create an ease of ownership.”
– Myles Sherman, managing partner and lead developer at The Astrid.


Experience Luxury Like Never Before

The Townhomes at The Astrid in Steamboat Springs

We’re not simply a vacation home community – we’re a true ski-in, ski-out haven at the foot of the majestic Mount Werner. Our meticulously designed residences are created exclusively for your convenience, with high-quality amenities, dedicated concierge, and year-round opportunities for adventure right outside your door.

The Astrid pushes the boundaries of white-glove service by tailoring our offerings to meet your exact requirements; from your skis quickly materializing on the slopes, ready and waiting for your next adventure, to the seamless maintenance of your private residence.

Now is the time to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones, pursue your passions, and take your place in Steamboat history as part of the most exciting transformation the resort has ever seen.

Construction begins in mid-summer 2024 on the first of our luxurious buildings – The Townhomes. The Townhomes are The Astrid’s most exclusive residences, with only four units to one building. Each residence in The Townhomes is available to purchase now, with the top floor residence already secured for purchase leaving three remaining.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be among the founding members of Steamboat’s most luxurious vacation home community. Book a call with our friendly team to discuss the next steps in purchasing your dream vacation home in the most enchanting town this side of the Rocky Mountains.

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