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Popping The Question Steamboat Style

You’ve got the flights booked, the bags packed, and the ring stored safely away. All that’s left to do is plan the most remarkable proposal of your beloved’s dreams!

Can you picture it? The person you love most in the world, backdropped by majestic mountains, smiling from ear to ear as you reveal the surprise you’ve been holding onto for months. 

With its stunning natural landscapes, exquisite local restaurants, and endless opportunities for adventure, Steamboat Springs is the perfect choice for a romantic vacation where you can pop the question. But where and how should you do it?

Here at The Astrid, we’re passionate about providing discerning vacationers with the very best, most personalized experiences that Steamboat Springs has to offer. We’ve curated this list of the most stunning proposal locations in town, so that you and your partner can enjoy a one-of-a-kind romantic experience.

Best Proposal Location for… Breathtaking Mountain Views

A couple skiing look up at the snow surrounding them

If snowsports play a special role in your relationship, this gorgeous proposal location will allow you to celebrate in true snow-shredding style.

During the winter season, between November and March, take the new-and-improved Wild Blue Gondola from Steamboat Square all the way up to Sunshine Peak. The ride to the top is only 13 minutes long, where you can admire miles of mountain views from within the comfort of a wide cabin. Proposing from within the cabin is an excellent choice if you’re looking to create a quiet and intimate moment. But for something a little more spectacular, wait until you get off the gondola.

From the top of Sunshine Peak, you’ll be spellbound by the striking 360° view of snow-capped mountains and aspen glades. Here at the top of the gondola you’ll find a team of on-mountain photographers (which you’ll have booked an appointment with in advance). The Fresh Prints team can accommodate almost any special arrangement for a private photoshoot, and are the perfect choice to capture the moment you pop the question.

After making your way to a beautiful, snowy spot, it will be time to get down on one knee (perhaps take your skis off first!) and ask your beloved to spend the rest of your lives together. Expect applause from on-lookers as this is a busy area full of snowsports enthusiasts, but the buzz will make it no less special.

You and your partner can then choose from a variety of exciting runs to make your way back down the mountain, ready for a celebratory drink at your choice of bars and restaurants located in Steamboat Square.

Best Proposal Location for… A Slopeside Picnic

A couple's hands holding tea and having a picnic in the snow

This charming proposal location is perfect during the winter season for keen skiers, snowshoers, or winter wonderland explorers.

Whether you pack a picnic yourself, or have an in-the-know friend set one up for you, make sure you don’t fill up on snacks before this slopeside excursion. Take the South Peak ski lift to the top, and make your way across the South Peak flats to the Broadway trail. This winding green run is surrounded by stunning evergreen trees, perfect for gently practicing your slalom skills.

At the first sharp turn of the run, take a rest stop on the left. There you’ll find a picnic table (which you may have had a friend decorate for you in advance) backdropped by a remarkable view of the valley. Your beloved will be so surprised to discover this romantic spot, and even more surprised when you get down on one knee! Celebrate with a wintery picnic before completing the broadway trail and exploring the rest of the mountain.

Best Proposal Location for… Luxurious Dining

Besame logo

Whilst there are many options in Steamboat Springs for a delicious romantic meal, there’s one particularly charming establishment that takes romance to a whole new level.

Bésame, located on Lincoln Avenue, is an opulent restaurant that welcomes you and your beloved to enjoy a rich tapas experience with a blend of Latin and global flavors. This inviting establishment is bedecked in twinkling string lights, which creates a magical ambiance to accompany your old world familia dinner.

Make the evening extra special by booking a personalized dining experience at Bésame. Reserve the quiet loft room where you and your partner can enjoy a 100% bespoke menu, beverages, and service details that match your exact requirements. The friendly team will be delighted to help make this the most magical meal of your lives, so that you can pop the question in style.

If that wasn’t romantic enough, ‘Bésame’ translates to ‘kiss me’ in Spanish – what a perfect place to propose!

Best Proposal Location for… An Unforgettable Experience

A couple hug inside a hot air balloon basket

What if one location could be the perfect romantic setting for a proposal, and check something off your bucket list? If achieving two things at once is your idea of a good time, then look no further this a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Wild West Balloon Adventures.

No matter the season, the team at Wild West Balloon Adventures welcomes you to drift across the Steamboat skyline in a sturdy yet beautiful hot air balloon. As your beloved enjoys stunning views of the Flat Top Mountains and Hahn’s Peak from your private basket, you can pop the question from over 1500 ft in the air!

No two trips in this balloon are the same, as your experienced pilot will follow the whims of the wind for an ultra-personalized experience. If you time it right, you might even be lucky enough to experience the stunning natural phenomenon of an alpenglow.

To celebrate your engagement, be sure to book delicious snacks and a champagne ceremony in advance. Once you land, not only will your partner have a new ring on their finger, but the two of you will receive your very own flight certificate to memorialize the day.

Best Proposal Location For… Something Like Out of a Movie

Six hot air balloons on the ground on a snowy day

If flying thousands of feet up in the air sounds magical, but also a little terrifying, this fairytale-like event might just be the perfect alternative.

Every February, Steamboat’s evening skies are set ablaze at the annual ‘Light Up The Night’. Six magnificent hot air balloons illuminate the Mountain Village between 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. as spectators are invited to stroll between the balloons which haven’t yet left the ground. The golden glow of the balloons provides a peaceful backdrop for your proposal, making this an excellent choice for couples who love a touch of spontaneity.

Make the experience extra special by hiring a photographer to capture the moment you get down on one knee. A good photographer will be able to fully capture the glimmering balloons against the dark blue skies, and your beloved’s gleaming face looking at you.

The event’s grand finale features fireworks and an enchanting torchlight parade, which is the perfect way to begin life as an engaged couple.

Make Your Proposal Extra Special

A couple hold hands with red roses resting on their lap

Here at The Astrid, we believe that personalization is the key to a truly unforgettable and luxurious experience in Steamboat Springs. So, if you’ve chosen a magnificent proposal location, we recommend giving it an extra special touch.

  • Say it with flowers: Nothing says romance quite like the sweet smell and vibrant beauty of fresh blooms. Deck out your proposal location with an extravagant floral design, or gift your beloved with a personalized bouquet from local business One Fine Day Productions.
  • A message in the sky: Steamboat’s breathtaking mountain views can only be topped by a 100% personalized message in the sky. Imagine the look of shock and joy on your partner’s face as they suddenly see their name in a banner in the sky, followed by the words ‘will you marry me?’. Experienced air advertisers, Fly Signs, will coordinate with you to make this an easy and enjoyable experience.
  • Private musicians: Whether your proposal is in a public location or an intimate private setting, live music is guaranteed to add a touch of the spectacular to this life-changing event. Talented local musicians include pianist Beth Blaskovich or string quartet String Poets, all of whom are available for private bookings and celebrations.
  • Capture the moment: You wouldn’t want to go to all this effort to create an extraordinary experience for your beloved without photographic evidence. That’s why we recommend local photographer Dramatic Focal Point who specializes in capturing every precious moment of your proposal on film.
  • Nails, nails, nails: You simply cannot propose with a ring without ensuring that your loved one’s nails are looking diamond-worthy. Think of all the photos you’ll want to share of your partner’s sparkling hand. Think of all the people you’ll want to tell as you go to dinner, or meet up with friends for a celebratory drink. Your beloved will thank you if you can (sneakily) get them to a nail salon before the big event. Steamboat is home to a selection of popular salons including KN Beauty Salon, Old Town Nails & Spa, and The Nail Wizard.

Memories are Made in Steamboat Springs

A Rocky Mountain vacation with the person you love most in the world will be full of outdoor adventures, enjoying wildlife, trying local cuisines, and embarking on new experiences. But, proposing to your partner in Steamboat Springs might just be the most exhilarating adventure of all.

We’d like to raise a toast to your upcoming engagement. We hope that Steamboat Springs will be somewhere you return to year after year, season after season, and remember the special day that your beloved said ‘yes!’

Here at The Astrid, we’re passionate about providing you and your loved ones with unforgettable mountainside experiences. Whether it’s a proposal, a birthday, or a family reunion, we’re here to make your stay in Steamboat Springs as hassle-free and luxurious as possible. That’s why we’re building a unique vacation home community where personalization reaches illustrious new heights.

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