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Steamboat’s Exclusive Literary Arts Scene

Perhaps you’ve heard of this charming hidden gem, home to a vibrant literary arts scene tucked away in the Rocky Mountains – Steamboat Springs. In this enchanting town, the coziness and historical significance of literature melds together with mountainside luxury. Some say that the literary arts scene is as vibrant as Steamboat’s breathtaking landscapes.

It’s no secret that Steamboat’s local culture is steeped in a rich cowboy history and tradition. This culture manifests itself in a number of creative ways in the town. From music festivals inspired by the musical legacy of the West, to traditional Western artworks on display at Steamboat Art Museum

But, what’s lesser known to the average passer-by, is Steamboat’s abundance of literary history and contemporary written works. Unlike nearby tourist hubs, Steamboat’s literary offerings remain a well-kept secret, known only to those who seek the opulence of cultural exclusivity.

Here, in the heart of Colorado, indulging in literature is a lavish retreat, a sanctuary for the discerning few who crave the sophistication of literary immersion.

From the hushed corners of the local library, to the spirited exchanges at poetry readings, Steamboat Springs invites you to explore its creative landscapes with as much enthusiasm as a mountain trail. Here, amidst the whispers of history and the rustle of pages, you’ll find yourself enveloped in the luxurious embrace of Steamboat’s exclusive literary realm.


Authors Located in Steamboat Springs

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Whilst Steamboat is home to cowboys, ski bums, and business owners, there’s a vibrant collective of creatives making waves in Colorado’s literary scene. Authors, poets, and wordsmiths from every walk of life are inspired by Steamboat’s history, culture, and breathtaking surroundings, compelling them to write innovative new works.

Authors in and around Steamboat include:

  • Tracy Tydeman: Is there anything more heartwarming than a tale about man’s best friend? If your dog is your most loved vacation companion, then you’ll be enchanted by Tracy’s creative company ‘Spots of Joy’. Tracy aims to spread joy through her children’s book, ‘Meet Faith – The Story of a Deaf Dalmatian’ which shares her four-legged friend Faith’s uplifting story. Following Faith’s passing in 2019, Tracy felt compelled to share Faith’s joy with the world through a children’s book. After two years of writing and illustrating, she self-published the book and established her own LLC. Not only is she a successful author, Tracy also teaches snowboarding at Steamboat Resort during winters. Be sure to look out for her on the slopes!
  • Mary B Kurtz: As a resident of rural northwestern Colorado, Mary draws inspiration from the picturesque landscape of the Elk River Valley for her writing. In her memoir, “Apertures: Findings from a Rural Life,” she intricately weaves together the essence of her daily existence on a ranch, capturing the nuances of nature and the passage of time. Kurtz’s writing, described as deeply rooted in place, has earned her prestigious awards, including the 2023 Silver Nautilus Book Award for Memoir and recognition as a finalist for the 2023 Willa Literary Award for Creative Nonfiction. Her essays, characterized by their lyrical prose and profound observations, have been featured in various publications, showcasing her talent for illuminating the Western American experience. Kurtz continues to enrich Steamboat’s literary landscape with her evocative storytelling, offering readers a glimpse into the soulful connection between humanity and the land.
  • Dagny Mckinley: This prolific author has a passion for preserving local history and exploring the wonders of Colorado’s natural landscapes. With seven published books to her name, McKinley shares tales of exploration, wild spirits, and the rich tapestry of history and heritage. Writing has always been an intrinsic part of her being, from crafting stories as a child to becoming a published author. Not only is she a talented writer, but her love for photography allows her to capture the beauty of nature in extraordinary visual works. McKinley’s belief in the power of hard work and dreaming big permeates her life and work, exemplified by her motto that the ‘impossible can be made possible.’


Literary Events in Steamboat Springs

Bud Werner Memorial Library surrounded by green trees

One of the reasons visitors come back to Steamboat Springs for repeat vacations is thanks to the town’s calendar of year-round events. There’s always a new experience, celebration, or opportunity for adventure to be enjoyed, no matter the season.

This is no less true for Steamboat’s literary arts scene. From within the walls of libraries, book stores, and other quiet locations, visitors and locals are welcome to indulge in an abundance of book-ish events.

Events at Bud Werner Memorial Library:

  • The Author Series at Bud Werner Memorial Library is an ongoing series of talks from a diverse range of award-winning authors. These authors present detailed talks about their literary works and processes, followed by a Q&A. This is the perfect event for reading enthusiasts, authors, or hobby-writers to immerse themselves in Colorado’s dynamic literary scene.
  • One Book Steamboat is an annual community reading event designed to bring the community together around a single story. 2024’s book of choice is ‘True Biz’ written by award-winning author Sara Novic. This intriguing tale centers on a number of themes including disability, justice, love, and joy.
  • Literary Sojourn is the oldest and most anticipated literary festival in the Rocky Mountains. This festival is on a mission to bring noteworthy authors to Steamboat’s mountain community and inspire the reading of exceptional literature. The program features presentations by internationally acclaimed authors who individually talk about their inspiration for the stories and characters in their published works.


Writing Group in Steamboat Springs

A group around a table discussing books

For the literary enthusiast who’s itching to pick up a pen to write something extraordinary, Steamboat Springs is home to thriving writers groups. These groups are the perfect place to connect with like-minded creatives, test out your latest works with an eager audience, and share encouragement.

The Steamboat Writer’s Group meets weekly at the Arts Depot in Steamboat Springs. The group provides a welcoming space for writers of all genres and experience levels to share their unpublished works. 

With a focus on offering positive feedback and constructive advice, rather than critiquing content, participants engage in readings and discussions aimed at improving their writing effectiveness. Whether meeting in person or online via Zoom, the group fosters a supportive environment where writers can hone their craft and find encouragement. 

Founded over three decades ago, the group continues to thrive, embodying the spirit of community and creativity in the picturesque Rocky Mountains. Through shared experiences and mutual respect, members learn and grow together, contributing to the vibrant literary culture of Steamboat Springs.


Bookstore in Steamboat Springs

The colorful interior of the Off the Beaten Path Bookstore

The very best vacations are those that are accompanied by a good book. What could be more relaxing than diving into an imaginary world, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and quietly rippling rivers? Mountain views and a good book are the ultimate luxury. If you fancy picking up a new novel, Steamboat is home to a particularly enchanting bookstore.

Off The Beaten Path is a vibrant independent bookstore nestled in downtown Steamboat Springs. With a diverse staff including writers, ski enthusiasts, and artists, the store is a hub for community and literary exchange. 

This local favorite offers a wide array of new fiction, literature, history, and children’s books, along with unique gifts and a cafe serving locally roasted coffee and pastries. Off The Beaten Path aims to create an inviting space where reading is celebrated. Established in 1989 as Boomtown Books and later rebranded, the store has evolved under different ownership while maintaining its commitment to fostering a welcoming environment. Current owners Mike and Danielle Skov continue this legacy, infusing the bookstore with renewed energy and a passion for connecting readers with great books.


The Start of Your Steamboat Story

As Steamboat Springs’ literary legacy continues to flourish, The Astrid offers a unique opportunity for you to begin a new chapter in this charming mountain town.

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