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Steamboat by Starlight

Surrounded by mountains, meadows, and lakes, Steamboat Springs boasts an ecologically diverse landscape, rich with wildlife. From migratory birds, to rivers teeming with trout, it’s no wonder that nature-enthusiasts return to Steamboat’s slopes long after ski season has ended.

Whilst many visitors to the area enjoy exploring nature by daylight, something magical happens when the sky grows dark.

As the sun dips below the mountains and the stars emerge to illuminate the night sky, a whole new world awakens in Steamboat Springs. Exploring nature under the cloak of darkness is one part adventure, one part luxury, reserved only for those brave enough to seek out the extraordinary.

The spring and summer months in Steamboat offer mild nights, where the nocturnal landscape glitters with mesmerizing natural beauty. The gentle rustle of leaves, the trickle of river waters, and the crisp mountain air create an atmosphere of unparalleled serenity.

Venturing into this nighttime realm isn’t for the faint of heart. Exploring into the mountains by moonlight is rarely experienced by casual vacationers. Nature-enthusiasts and adventure-seekers, like you, are the courageous few who are privileged enough to enjoy nature’s most intimate secrets.

From moonlit hikes through alpine meadows, to stargazing from secluded locations, each adventure promises a sense of wonder that transcends the ordinary. As the sun sets, step into Steamboat’s nighttime kingdom, where the beauty of nature awaits those who dare to seek it under the cover of darkness.


Nighttime Swimming in Steamboat Springs

A woman swimming in a dark pool

Surrounded by nothing but tranquil wilderness, Strawberry Park Hot Springs invites you to embark on an enchanting nocturnal journey. As night falls, this haven of healing becomes a luxurious retreat for those seeking a quiet moment in nature.

With its unique stone masonry and natural thermal pools, Strawberry Park Hot Springs blends in with the rugged beauty of its surroundings. Each pool is naturally warm all year round, even at night. This cozy ambiance is enhanced by a clear starlit sky, when the pools are open to adults at night.

Reserved exclusively for those who appreciate the finer things in life, a night swim at Strawberry Park Hot Springs is a bucket-list experience for many. With limited reservations available, it feels like being part of an exclusive club, where the privilege of indulging in nature’s embrace is reserved for the discerning few.

As the night deepens, the pool area transforms into a sanctuary of serenity, where the only sounds are those of nature’s symphony and the gentle ripple of water. And with clothing optional after dark, guests can immerse themselves fully in the healing waters, under the canopy of stars.


Stargazing in Steamboat Springs

A silhouette of two people looking at the stars

A phrase you’ll hear repeated as you explore Steamboat is, “look up!” Whether your eyes are drawn to towering aspen trees, the Sleeping Giant, or distant mountain peaks, you’ll find yourself repeatedly looking skywards to take in Steamboat’s natural beauty.

Nighttime is no different. The dark skies unfold like a cosmic masterpiece, beckoning stargazers to witness Colorado’s most spectacular celestial wonders. Thanks to locations with minimal light pollution, Steamboat Springs offers a breathtaking spectacle on clear nights. 

Stargazing locations include:

  • For those seeking solitude, Hahns Peak Lake Campground offers pristine vantage points free from urban glow.
  • Stagecoach State Park provides expansive views of the star-studded dome above. 
  • The luxurious rooftop bar at The Astrid will enable nature-enthusiasts to bask in the magic of the cosmos from the comfort of a steaming hot tub.


Sunsets in Steamboat Springs

A hiker walking on a mountain ridge at sunset

Nothing says ‘summer vacation’ quite like cuddling up with a loved one to watch a golden sunset. In Steamboat Springs, locals and visitors alike enjoy sunset views from various vantage points across town, each offering its own unique charm.

Sunset locations:

  • Take a seat on the stands at Steamboat Pro Rodeo, overlooking Emerald Mountain, where the energetic buzz of excited cowboys backdrops the remarkable orange skies.
  • Cycle along the Morning Gloria trail, where the reward of a stunning sunset is earned after a day’s ride. 
  • Dining at Salt & Lime’s rooftop deck offers delicious Mexican cuisine paired with panoramic town views and majestic sunsets.


Your Next Nighttime Adventure in Steamboat Springs

As the sun sets on another picturesque day in Steamboat Springs, the magic of this mountain paradise only intensifies under the cover of night. Spring and summer bring forth a symphony of natural beauty that transcends the ordinary, inviting visitors to delve into the enchanting realm of nocturnal exploration.

While sunny days offer endless opportunities for picnics, water sports, and family-friendly events, it’s during the tranquil nights that Steamboat truly reveals its allure. As darkness descends, the landscape transforms into a wildlife wonderland, beckoning vacationers like you to explore Steamboat’s natural beauty by the cover of night.

Here at The Astrid, we’re passionate about helping adventures and nature-lovers alike to make unforgettable memories in Steamboat Springs. We’re enchanted by this mountain town’s year-round allure, where immersive slopeside experiences can be enjoyed in every season (and every time of day!) That’s why we’re building a unique residential community where luxury, nature, and adventure meld together to create the ultimate mountainside escape.

We’re breaking ground on this ambitious project in summer 2024. To find out more, simply provide us with your name and email address. By doing so, you’ll be invited to join our exclusive mailing list. As part of this list you’ll gain access to insider information, behind-the-scenes content, and a highly personalized email experience reserved only for members of The Astrid community.

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