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The Great Paradox of Stressful Vacations

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ‘luxury’ as “a condition of abundance, or great ease and comfort.”

A luxurious getaway must match, and then transcend, the sumptuous home-comforts that you are used to in your daily life. Too often, vacation experiences are spoiled by inconveniences that provide more stress than relaxation.

How many times have you had to sacrifice your privacy, compromise when it comes to your familiar home amenities, and give up the personalized services that make your lifestyle possible, in the name of a vacation because even once you get there, the planning and crowds never end?

How much more would you be able to switch off and relax if your requirements were met without hassle, ensuring that not a moment of your precious down-time was wasted trying to fix avoidable disturbances?

Perhaps you wish you could pick up your home, with your carefully curated in-house luxuries, and bring it with you to your favorite vacation destination.


A Relaxing Retreat That Just Makes Sense

Steamboat Springs offers unrivaled luxury getaways for visitors seeking year-round outdoor adventures, without the crowds, lack of privacy, and impersonal experiences often found at more ‘touristy’ ski resorts.

The blend of authentic western charm with unspoilt luxury in Steamboat Springs makes it a particularly appealing destination for those seeking relaxation, culture, privacy, and highly customized services.

Here at The Astrid, we make it possible for visitors to enjoy the ultimate luxury vacation. Our idyllic retreat is situated at the foot of the majestic Mount Werner, carefully designed with ease of living in mind.

No need to stress about transporting your familiar home-comforts across state lines, as we provide an exclusive home-away-from-home experience for our community. With every visit to Steamboat, our residents are welcomed with an overall feeling of relaxation, ease, and genuine hospitality.

To ensure that your next vacation is the most luxurious and relaxing one yet, we’re going to share with you the exceptional services, amenities, opportunities available here in Steamboat Springs.


Exquisite Fine Dining

Mealtimes are so much more than simply fueling up for your next mountainside expedition. Whether you’re enjoying a slow breakfast with your family, or laughing into the night during dinner with friends, we believe that the best culinary experiences are the ones where you make unforgettable memories.

Steamboat’s vibrant restaurant scene has earned the area a reputation for being one of the most exciting food and drink destinations in Colorado. With a number of dining establishments prioritizing local ingredients, intimate mealtime settings, and thoughtful service, eating in Steamboat Springs is the very best way to immerse oneself in the local culture.

Some of our most luxurious favorites include:

  • Bésame – an exquisite tapas experience, blending Latin and Global flavors
  • Sauvage Restaurant – a farm-to-table culinary journey, with a menu that changes with the seasons
  • Primrose – an upscale ‘mountain-casual’ experience, featuring hand-cut steaks, jet-fresh seafood, curated wines and crafted cocktails

Accessing these culinary delights is effortless when our residents use The Astrid’s app-operated shuttle service. This service adds a little extra luxury to every mealtime, ensuring a quick and stress-free journey.

For guests that prefer to stay close to their home-away-from-home, The Astrid offers a decadent après ski club lounge at the base of the mountain. With an excellent chef’s kitchen and private wine lockers, our residents are guaranteed memorable and personalized mealtimes.


Enjoying an Active Lifestyle

Outdoor recreational pastimes are the height of luxury in Steamboat Springs, with the area earning itself the nicknames Bike Town USA® and Ski Town USA®!

In the winter, visitors get to experience the remarkable Champagne Powder® snow, perfect for skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, and a range of other winter sports. In sunnier seasons, the resort transforms into the most glorious destination for hiking, biking, fishing, tubing, water skiing and more. 

Steamboat’s array of active pursuits provide a holistic and transformative experience for everyone, no matter their ability or level of experience.

As a true ski-in, ski-out (or hike-in, hike-out) property, The Astrid makes the pursuit of an active lifestyle simple. Residents can take a short walk, or indeed ski straight out the door, to the base area of the mountain where year-round outdoor adventures await. Without even leaving the property, residents can enjoy our state-of-the-art gym and in-ground pool.

Our residents never have to worry about where to store their gear, as The Astrid features a convenient locker room with private lockers and garage storage, guaranteeing a safe and hassle-free home for all kinds of sports equipment.

For guests who prefer to rent their equipment, our exclusive partnership with Switchback Sports provides our residents with gear rentals directly on-site. Stocking the latest equipment for all kinds of summer and winter activities, the team at Switchback Sports are dedicated to kitting our residents with the freshest gear for optimum mountainside enjoyment.


Convenient Private Travel

We couldn’t discuss luxury in Steamboat Springs without showcasing the area’s fantastic travel amenities. For visitors who value the flexibility, control, and exclusivity of private travel, Steamboat has a variety of highly personalized options:

  • Private airplanes – Whilst all commercial flights into Steamboat arrive at Yampa Valley Regional Airport (HDN), Steamboat Springs Airport/Bob Adams Field (SBS) is available for private, recreational, business, and emergency flights. Conveniently located 2.5 miles north of downtown Steamboat Springs, SBS is an exceptional destination for private airplanes.
  • Private shuttles – The Astrid’s shuttle service provides residents with safe and stress-free travel to and from downtown Steamboat, and to the base, grocery store, or any other in-town destination. For our guests’ convenience, all shuttle services can be booked via our exclusive app.
  • Chauffeured vehicles – A truly relaxing and flexible choice is to hire a private chauffeur, giving your access to secluded destinations, local hidden gems, and unique experiences, all without once looking at a map. Local services include Ski Town Transportation, and Rocky Mountain Chauffeurs.
  • Personal vehicles – For residents who love the control and familiarity of their own personal car, each one of The Astrid’s residences include a private parking spot so that you’ll never be left racing with your neighbors to get the last available space. The Astrid’s three-plex and four-plex residences feature individual two-car garages, perfect for larger groups.


The Most Luxurious Community in Steamboat

The people you share a space with have a direct impact on your day-to-day relaxation and enjoyment. Wonderful dining experiences, exciting outdoor excursions, and convenient access to transport mean nothing without a thriving community to enjoy it all alongside. 

At The Astrid, we believe that luxury begins and ends with community. That’s why we’re intentionally building The Astrid one residence at a time. 

With a cheerful team providing residents with a white-glove service, and residences full of friendly neighbors, The Astrid is the ultimate mountainside haven for vacation-goers seeking privacy, flexibility, relaxation, and adventure.

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