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Settle Down for a Cozy Evening in Steamboat Springs

After a thrilling day of outdoor adventures in Steamboat Springs, whether you’re skiing through fresh pow’ or enjoying summer water sports, there’s no greater luxury than returning to your own private home-away-from-home at The Astrid. Surrounded by breathtaking mountain views, you can unwind in the comfort and exclusivity of your own space, ready for a cozy night in.

This experience is the epitome of luxury, offering a deep sense of relaxation and privacy. Unlike the fleeting nature of hotels or rentals, your vacation home at The Astrid provides a personal sanctuary where every detail is tailored to your tastes. The opulent furnishings, state-of-the-art amenities, and thoughtfully designed interiors create an ambiance of refined comfort that simply can’t be matched.

The exclusivity of The Astrid elevates your stay beyond the ordinary. Here, you’re not just another guest… you’re part of an exclusive community that values serenity and sophistication. Your home at The Astrid is a retreat where you can fully unwind and recharge. 

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to a relaxing night in your vacation home at The Astrid. With a little help from local businesses, you can make the most of your space, knowing that every evening spent here is a unique and indulgent escape from the everyday.


Wine Tasting Night

Four friends clink wine glasses

Sip to your heart’s content with a decadent at-home wine tasting night. This sophisticated experience enhances your cozy evening, creating unforgettable memories in the comfort of your own elegant space.

Look no further than Steamboat Winery for an intimate wine tasting experience. The winery will send a dedicated sommelier to your home, equipped with delicious wines and moreish charcuterie, for a cozy yet decadent evening exploring a variety of fine wines.

Each label from Steamboat Winery centers around life in Steamboat, from the Slopeside White Chardonnay, to the Rodeo Merlot, which are popular choices for a variety of celebrations in the region.


At-Home Gourmet Cooking

A couple cooking together

The advantage of having a private, open-plan kitchen in your vacation home at The Astrid, is that gourmet meals are never more than a few minutes away. If heading downtown to explore one of Steamboat’s luxurious dining establishments sounds like too much hassle, we recommend getting a gourmet cooking kit from local business BOSS Box.

BOSS Box combines convenience, quality, and enjoyment for the tastiest night in this side of the Rocky Mountains. Imagine returning from a day of adventure to a meal kit with pre-prepped, pre-portioned ingredients, including organic greens, and hormone-free proteins. With easy-to-follow digital recipes, you can create delicious, healthy meals free from refined sugars and industrial seed oils. 

Put on your apron, team up with a loved one, and settle in for a delicious night.


A Spa at Your Vacation Home

A man having a massage

Steamboat Springs boasts some of the most luxurious, talented, and indulgent spa experiences in Colorado. This town’s decadent spa offering only becomes more opulent when, instead of traveling downtown to a local establishment, the spa comes to you.

An at-home spa night is the perfect choice for a night in at The Astrid.  Luxury, relaxation, and convenience meet together in the comfort of your own exquisite space. We recommend an in home massage experience with one of the expert therapists from Rocky Mountain Day Spa.  

Having a therapist from a local spa provide treatments in your home allows you to fully unwind and enjoy personalized care without the hassle of travel. This exclusive experience enhances your evening with the soothing ambiance of a spa, making your cozy night in a truly indulgent retreat.


S’Mores on the Fireplace

Roasting marshmallows on a fire

Each living room in The Astrid’s most exclusive building, The Townhomes, features a grand fireplace. As the centerpiece of your living space, make the most of the cozy ambiance by indulging in a classic mountain town activity – s’mores!

Head on down to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, pick up your favorite treats, and settle in for a warm evening of sweet indulgence and nostalgic fun. A s’mores night is the perfect bonding experience to enjoy with loved ones, especially younger family members. Enjoy the stunning mountain views while savoring gooey, delicious treats, adding a charming touch to your luxurious retreat.


Vacation Home Movie Night

A grandfather and grandson watching a movie and laughing

There’s nothing cozier than a movie night on your own couch, making the most of your personal entertainment system. Whilst you could spend an hour trying to choose a movie to watch on Netflix… we recommend embracing the full Steamboat experience by enjoying a specially-selected documentary with Bud Werner Library’s ‘Bud Watch Party’.

The library hopes that you’ll enjoy watching these thoughtful films, and come together with the Steamboat community for ongoing discussions.


Making the Most of Your Vacation Home in Steamboat Springs

The Townhomes at The Astrid in Steamboat Springs

Here at The Astrid, we’re passionate about enabling repeat-vacationers to enjoy the mountainside lifestyle to the fullest. Gone are the days where a mountainside vacation meant sacrificing the day-to-day luxuries that you’ve grown accustomed to, as our impeccably designed residences are built with your ease of living in mind.

Our exclusive residential vacation homes are built with your experience of the mountain at the center. With remarkable slopeside access, views you’ll never grow tired of, and luxurious amenities, you’ll want to return to your home-away-from home in every season.

Construction begins in mid-summer 2024 on the first of our luxurious buildings – The Townhomes. The Townhomes are The Astrid’s most exclusive residences, with only four units to one building. Each residence in The Townhomes is available to purchase now, with the top floor residence already secured for purchase leaving three remaining.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be among the founding members of Steamboat’s most luxurious vacation home community. Book a call with our friendly team to discuss the next steps in purchasing your dream vacation home in the most enchanting town this side of the Rocky Mountains.

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