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Colorado is the perfect vacation destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. With so much to do, it can take a lot of work to plan the perfect trip. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate Colorado vacation planner, from spring to winter.


The weather in the spring in Colorado is generally pleasant throughout the state. When planning your trip, remember that the mountains and even the metropolitan areas might still get snowfall long into May. The spring weather may be unpredictable, with frost warnings issued one evening and rolling fog the following morning. Temperatures in the spring may go from freezing one day to sweltering the next.


Must Try Spring Activities in Colorado

1. Explore the great outdoors with a hike up Mount Evans.

At 14,000 feet, this is one of the highest peaks in Colorado and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

2. Take a ride down the Colorado River on an inflatable raft.

This is perfect for families and groups of friends looking for some action-packed fun.

3. Enjoy a picnic at one of the many lakes in the area.

Pack a lunch and take in the beautiful scenery as you enjoy some quality time with loved ones.

What to wear for Spring in Colorado

1. A good pair of hiking boots or snow boots is a must.

You’ll want something that can keep your feet dry and warm, but also has good traction.

2. Layers are key. 

Temperatures can vary widely throughout the day and if you are hiking, based on the altitude, so it’s important to be able to peel off or add on layers as needed. A light jacket, sweater, and scarf should do the trick.

3. Sunglasses are always a good choice. 

Mountain sunshine is stronger than you might think. You should also pack sunscreen to reapply throughout the day!

4. Finally, don’t forget a hat! 

A beanie or baseball cap will help keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your head from the cold.


In the summer, the weather in Colorado is dry and can get quite hot. Alternatively, hail may occur during sudden afternoon thunderstorms, which often bring strong winds, torrential downpours, rumbling thunder, and flashes of lightning. Colorado is well known for its beautiful and exceptionally green summers where you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

Must Try Summer Activities in Colorado

1. Fishing

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, fishing is a great way to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. You can find plenty of spots for fishing in Colorado’s lakes and rivers.

2. Whitewater rafting

For an adrenaline-pumping experience, whitewater rafting is a must. There are several different rivers to choose from, so you can find one that’s perfect for your skill level.

3. Camping

What better way to enjoy the outdoors than by camping under the stars? There are countless campgrounds to choose from in Colorado, so you can find one that’s perfect for your needs.

What to wear for Summer in Colorado

1. A light jacket or sweater 

Even though it’s summer, the evenings can get cool in Colorado. A light jacket or sweater will keep you warm without being too hot during the day.

2. Comfortable shoes 

You’ll be doing a lot of walking in Colorado, so comfortable shoes are a must. Sneakers or sandals are ideal.

3. Sunscreen 

With all the time you’ll be spending outdoors, sunscreen is essential to prevent sunburn.

4. Quick dry clothing is ideal. 

Whether from sweating after a long hike or from fishing or river rafting, quick dry clothing is generally ideal for a Colorado summer.


Fall is the best time of year in Colorado. The leaves start to change color, the air gets a little cooler, and the days are still long enough to enjoy all that the state has to offer. Colorado is a beautiful place to be in the fall, and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. There’s something for everyone in the fall in Colorado.

Must Try Fall Activities in Colorado

1. Leaf Peeping

There’s no better place to see the changing leaves than in Colorado. With dozens of different hiking trails to choose from, you’re sure to find a breathtaking view.

2. Hit the slopes

If there is enough snow, some resorts open in October giving you the chance to hit the slopes before the crowds descend for winter break.

3. Go pumpkin picking

What’s fall without pumpkins? Head out to a local farm and pick your own – then carve them into jack-o-lanterns or bake a delicious pie. Yum!

What to wear for Fall in Colorado

1. Cardigan and Tights

This is one of my favorite combinations for Fall. A cardigan or sweater adds just the right amount of warmth without being too bulky. Tights help keep your legs warm while still allowing your skin to breathe.

2. Jeans and boots

Another classic combination that never goes out of style. A pair of jeans and boots are perfect for running errands or going out on the weekends. Just make sure to keep an eye on the weather – if it looks like it might rain, throw on a jacket over your outfit!

3. Dresses or long-sleeve shirts

Dresses are another great option for Fall clothing in Colorado. They’re easy to throw on over leggings or tights, and they can look great with boots or shoes. Just be sure to pick a dress that’s a good fit for changing temperatures as they can fluctuate quite a bit from morning to night! If you’re not a dress person, now is the time to pull out your long sleeve shirts. Button-ups or other light weight options are great for this time of year.

4. Vests

Vests are great to throw up top of any outfit, especially if it gets warmer mid day and your outfit allows you to remove them while still looking stylish. Its lighter to carry around than a jacket but still keeps your core extra warm which is often all that you need during this point in the season.


If you love snow, then you’ll love winter in Colorado! The state is blanketed in a beautiful layer of white, making it the perfect place to go for a winter vacation. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy too, from skiing and snowboarding to ice skating and sledding. And if you’re lucky enough to get a sunny day, there’s nothing better than taking a long walk in the fresh air and enjoying the stunning scenery.

Must Try Winter Activities in Colorado

1. Snowshoeing

It is a great way to explore the beautiful Colorado landscape. You’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds as you make your way through the snow. If you’re not familiar with snowshoes, don’t worry – they’re easy to learn and perfect for beginners. Just make sure to dress warmly!

2. Skiing/Snowboarding

Of course, no list of Colorado winter activities would be complete without skiing or snowboarding. The state is home to some of the best ski resorts in the world, so no matter what level of skier or snowboarder you are, there’s sure to be a resort that will suit your needs.

3. Hot Springs

They are one of Colorado’s best-kept secrets. Hot springs are perfect for relaxing after a long day of playing in the snow. There are many different hot springs throughout Colorado, so be sure to do some research and find one that’s right for you. Steamboat Springs boasts 150 mineral and hot springs alone!

For more Winter Activities in Colorado, check out these 20 Cool Colorado Winter Activities To Try!

What to wear for Winter in Colorado

1. Warm Clothing 

It’s important to wear warm clothing when you’re visiting Colorado in the winter. You’ll need to bundle up in order to stay warm. Waterproof or resistant coats are great items to bring with you as whether or not it is snowing, you can easily get snow on you and often waterproof material can break stong winds as well.

2. Comfortable shoes 

In addition to wearing warm clothes, it’s also important to wear comfortable shoes. Snow boots or hiking boots are perfect for Winter in Colorado. Tennis shoes can be okay for a walk from the car to the restaurant but ensure they have enough traction, snow is more slippery than you might think!

3. Extra layers 

Even if it’s warm outside when you first arrive in Colorado, the temperature can drop rapidly. Wear long underwear even during the day and pack an extra layer that you can put on once the sun goes down. This will help keep you warm throughout the night.

4. Winter Accessories 

Gloves, scarves, and hats are a great way to protect yourself from the freezing temperatures! Scarves can be pulled over your face and hats keep your ears warm, and trust me, they get cold quickly! Gloves are easy to shove into pockets but when you don’t have them, your hands can take a big hit. Nobody wants to start their vacation with cracked and sensitive hands from forgetting their gloves on that first night out.

Colorado is a beautiful and special place to visit in any season! Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, Colorado has it all. No matter what time of year you visit, Colorado offers something magical to behold. You can also check out The Pros of Living in Colorado if you’re thinking of moving to Colorado. It is well worth experiencing all that this incredible state has to offer. So don’t wait another minute – book your Colorado vacation today!

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