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From Novice to Ski-Hero

When trying out a new activity for the first time, it’s commonplace to accept a less-than-ideal environment, novice-level equipment, and low expectations, in order to gauge whether this is something you’d like to continue to do.

But, that’s not how we do things here at The Astrid.

We’re passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for everyone who visits Steamboat Springs. We believe that winter sports are the ultimate way to enjoy the beauty and adventure of this historic ski town. Whether weaving down slopes, or exploring hidden trails, the thrill of conquering the snowy terrain leaves visitors with a sense of deep accomplishment, unmatched by any other activity.

For beginners, skiing improves balance, coordination, muscle health, and cardiovascular fitness. This low-impact sport is so popular because it’s accessible for various fitness levels, ages, and abilities. On top of the physical benefits, skiing offers a wonderful community, encouraging friendship with both novices and seasoned experts.  With the right guidance, beginners can quickly build confidence and skill, allowing for full immersion in the excitement of slopeside sports. 

Steamboat Springs is the perfect place for beginner skiers as we have access to the very best snow for skiing in the world. It’s dry, fluffy, and so light that both novices and experienced skiers glide through it like heroes! The snow here in Steamboat is so famous that it even has its own trademarked name; Champagne Powder®.

We believe that all beginner skiers should start their learning experience in the very best environment the world has to offer. That’s why we suggest you start your journey here at the foot of Mount Werner, surrounded by a supportive community of ski-enthusiasts. The Astrid team is here to help you navigate your first steps into the world of skiing, and ensure you have a truly memorable experience here in Steamboat Springs.


Preparing for Your Visit

A successful ski trip requires proper planning, so that you can make the most of the experience without worrying about easily avoidable problems.

The first step is to choose the right time of year to visit. Ski season in Steamboat Springs begins in November, and ends in April. December and January are perfect months for beginners to visit, as the snow is at its driest during this time. 

We recommend that novices choose alternative winter activities during February, as the freeze-thaw cycles can prove a little tricker for beginners to navigate. As March rolls around, more sunlight and milder temperatures give way to pleasant ski conditions for all abilities.

The next step is to plan your transportation. Traveling to Steamboat is a relaxed and enjoyable experience. The Yampa Valley Regional Airport is a short 30-minute drive from Steamboat Springs, making it the gateway of choice in Northwest Colorado. With access to six major airlines, and dozens of direct daily flights from major cities, we are extremely well-placed for visitors from all over the USA, and world.


Essential Ski Equipment

We understand that beginners skiers may not want to purchase new equipment straight away, but that shouldn’t hold you back from accessing the very best gear available. High-quality equipment will ensure that beginners have a safe, enjoyable, and comfortable experience on the slopes. 

At The Astrid, we have an exclusive partnership with Switchback Sports for on-site ski gear rentals. Switchback Sports stock the latest equipment for a variety of outdoor activities, including skiing. The friendly team is dedicated to kitting our residents with the freshest gear, perfect for your very first time on the slopes.

This is our comprehensive list of equipment that you’ll need for your very first ski-trip:

  • Skis – Beginner skiers often choose shorter, more maneuverable skis
  • Ski Poles – Ensure you get ski poles of a suitable length, in order to aid your balance and set the rhythm for your turns
  • Ski Boots – Well-fitted boots are essential for a comfortable experience
  • Ski Socks – A pair of snug-fitting, thermal ski socks are absolutely essential for keeping your feet dry and comfortable
  • Helmet – A perfectly fitted helmet is necessary for protecting your head from potential impacts and falls
  • Goggles – We recommend goggles with double lenses that prevent condensation from forming on the lenses
  • Base Layers – Seasonally appropriate base layers will keep you dry and control your temperature
  • Ski Jacket and Pants – Warm, waterproof outer layers will keep the snow and the wind away from your body
  • Gloves or Mittens – We recommend down gloves or mittens that cover your entire hand and wrist
  • Warm Hat – Choose a close-fitting hat that fits under your helmet and keeps your head warm


Beginner Ski Lessons in Steamboat

All novice skiers visiting Steamboat should contact Steamboat SnowSports School for world-class instruction and teaching. Located at Greenhorn Ranch, all guests in the SnowSports School who are learning to ski have access to a dedicated teaching facility.

The ski lesson provider, known as Snow Operating, uses the innovative Terrain Based Learning® approach to ensure new skiers have a successful and enjoyable learning experience. Each one of the instructors uses the snowy terrain to naturally teach skiing, enabling new skiers to feel sensations such as gliding and turning to acquire skills faster on the snow.


Beginner-Friendly Ski Runs

With a few lessons under your belt, the next step is to try out your newly-learned skills on the slopes.

First-time skiers at Steamboat have a variety of options for slopeside adventures, with nearly 14% of the mountain catering for beginners. Thunderhead Express and Burgess Creek Lift provide plenty of beginner terrain access, perfect for getting a number of runs in to improve your skills and boost your confidence. 

As you gain confidence, green circle trails are a great choice for beginners to explore. Popular green circle trails include Right-O-Way, Sundial to Broadway, and Why Not at the top of Burgess Creek.


Après-Ski Treats

‘Après-ski’ is a French term describing the social and entertainment activities to be enjoyed after a day on the slopes. To fully inaugurate yourself into the world of skiing, it’s essential that you indulge in the tradition of après-ski to fully round off the day.

Located at the foot of Mount Werner, The Astrid is perfectly situated for a delightful après-ski experience. The ski club lounge welcomes visitors with comfortable indoor and outdoor seating for a variety of refreshing drinks. Share stories from your day with family and friends at one of our warming firepits, or relax your sore muscles in a luxurious rooftop hot tub.


The Perfect Destination For Beginner Skiers

Steamboat Springs is the very best place in the world for beginner skiers to start their snow sports journey. With world-class learning facilities, beginner-friendly runs, and friendly community creates an incredibly welcoming environment for all visitors.

The Astrid provides a permanent home-away-from-home for visitors who want to experience the excitement of Steamboat Springs in the snow. We’d be delighted to welcome you and your family to join us for a ski adventure, whether you’re an olympic-level professional or a total novice.

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