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Nestled at the foot of Mount Werner is an exclusive residential community that transcends the idea of luxury living. The Astrid isn’t just a ski-in, ski-out condominium, it’s a demonstration of the power of community, carefully curated for individuals who value neighborliness and adventure.

Steamboat Springs, with its rich history and traditional western heritage, is well-known for the welcoming local community which keeps visitors returning again and again. Here at The Astrid, we provide our residents with connections, shared experiences, and a thriving network of like-minded friends, based in this friendly ski-town.


Building Your Home-Away-From-Home

At The Astrid, community isn’t just an afterthought, it’s a foundational value that impacts every decision we make. Unlike a hotel, our unique residential property promotes connection and warmth between neighbors, who are choosing to visit Steamboat Springs to make incredible memories with their friends and families.

We’ve intentionally built The Astrid’s residential community one residence at a time, prioritizing the experience of our residents above all else. Each residence, each room, and each space is designed to foster a sense of belonging. Every resident has been personally invited to join our community, ensuring a harmonious and friendly atmosphere.

It’s not just the neighbors who impact the community experience, our staff play an essential role as well. Our welcoming team works hard to relieve residents of any inconvenience, personalizing your experience from the moment you enter the driveway. Whether you’re relaxing in communal areas or enjoying the privacy of your home-away-from-home, our goal is to make you feel totally at ease.


Community-Focused Amenities

We believe that the slope-side lifestyle begins and ends with human connection. The Astrid provides a wide variety of amenities, services, and conveniences that allow you to strengthen bonds with your loved ones, form new friendships, and build a lasting legacy for your family.

At the base of the mountain, we’ve curated a space dedicated to refreshment with friends after a day skiing on the mountain. Our après ski club lounge is the ideal place to unwind and recount tales of the day’s adventures, whilst enjoying a well-deserved drink. For beginners and advanced ski enthusiasts alike, this is the definition of post-pow’ bliss!

Après ski takes on a whole new luxurious meaning atop The Astrid’s roof. Admire the awe-inspiring surroundings whilst relaxing your aching muscles in our rooftop hot tub, or cuddle close with your beloved as you warm your bodies next to a crackling fire pit. That’s right, even our roof has been carefully designed to promote connection between our residents.


Living Like a Local

The Astrid isn’t an isolated enclave, but a residential community deeply connected to Steamboat Springs’ rich history and culture. We encourage residents to embrace the traditions of this vibrant town, and start living like a local. 

Local events, such as the Winter Carnival and the Steamboat Pro Rodeo Series, invite you to immerse yourself in the local fabric of the town, creating connections that extend beyond The Astrid’s walls.

Steamboat’s booming culinary scene is a wonderful opportunity for you to indulge in decadent dining experiences, often incorporating locally sourced ingredients into each meal.

Whilst the area is famous for its winter sports provisions, truly living like a local means embracing the year-round outdoor activities on offer in Steamboat Springs. We recommend that residents explore seasonal outdoor adventures such as hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and hot air balloon rides, to ensure that you’re fully immersed in the area’s exciting offerings.


Being a Good Neighbor

We’re passionate about our residential community coming together to benefit the local area. Our residents and staff are proud to call Steamboat Springs home, which is why we’re honored to support a number of local organizations that are working to make Steamboat a more welcoming, accessible, and enjoyable place for all.

Our community partnerships include:

  • Steamboat STARS
  • Steamboat Tennis & Pickleball Center
  • Old Town Hot Springs Recreation Center

We encourage you to discover how you can get involved with these incredible initiatives, and expand The Astrid’s community spirit out into Steamboat Springs (and beyond!)


Crafting a Legacy Together

The Astrid’s residential community is a legacy in the making. We aren’t simply a collection of individuals, we’re a collective force for good. By engaging with one another, nurturing connections, and investing in the surrounding community, each resident contributes to a legacy that will be cherished by future generations.

In an increasingly digital world where human connections are often fleeting, The Astrid is evidence of the enduring power of community. We’ve created a place where you can form bonds with like-minded neighbors who recognize that true luxury lies not only in what you have, but the memories you make and who you share them with.

You can discover more of what being part of our unique residential community in Steamboat Springs is all about, by joining our exclusive mailing list. We invite you to consider The Astrid as a place for your family to form connections and lay down roots in this charming town.

To join our community, simply provide us with your name and email address. By doing so, you’ll be invited to join our exclusive mailing list. As part of this list you’ll gain access to insider information, behind-the-scenes content, and a highly personalized email experience reserved only for members of The Astrid community.

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